Release of the FINAL comics!

The very LAST comic (the official conclusion to I Read While He Plays Video Games) will be released tomorrow, January 1st and then the series will officially be put to rest. Thank you for all your loyalty over the years!

Two old favorites...

ESC Comics: Second Thoughts (artist and co-author)   
Previously published October 2008

ESC Comics: The Five Stages of Grief (artist and co-author)  
Previously published August 2009

Brand NEW Never-Before-Seen Comics

The final comics from the I Read While He Plays Video Games series...

ESC Comics: The Five Stages of Grief Revisted (artist and co-author)  

ESC Comics: Art? (artist and co-author)  

ESC Comics: Community Art Show (artist and co-author)  
ESC Comics: Sometimes Life is Full of Surprises (artist and co-author)  

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