Same-sex couples on the Grammys & Disney Channel

I didn't watch the Grammy Awards last night. Instead I hung out with my daughter while she put the finishing touches on her project for her school's History Fair. Her project, entitled "Marriage Rights: The Fight for Equality" focuses on the history of same-sex marriage in the U.S. (Obviously, I'm so proud.)

While she was at home working on her project, same-sex marriage was represented at least twice on TV last night.


TV spin-offs/re-pilots I wish we could make happen

I've been watching Revenge from the start and I love the show but lately it has just gone off the deep end. Literally. Emily's been shot, nearly drowned, had amnesia... the show is turning into a soap opera and I'm not really feeling it anymore. I'd love to see the show go in a new direction or spin-off without all the annoying characters (ugh, Daniel go away). It worked for The Closer / Major Crimes and if even Community can re-pilot the series, why can't these shows? So inspired by that, here's a list of TV spin-offs or re-pilots I'd love to see.


No Pants Subway Ride

So I already said I don't make new year's resolutions (and then proceeded to contradict myself almost immediately) but there are still things I'm going to try for 2014. I've been trying to challenge myself more. I've been trying to push myself to do more. Go to more events, take more risks, make more mistakes, have more fun and experience more life.

Yesterday I decided to participate in the No Pants Subway Ride. Now in it's 13th year, it is literally what it sounds like: riding the subway... without pants (followed by a kick-ass, pants-free after party).



For 2014, I've decided to join in on #365feministselfie by posting a "selfie" (mostly on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) every day.

The idea was created by the awesome Veronica Arreola (Viva la Feminista) in response to criticism of selfies. Jezebel.com in particular called them out as being a "cry for help" instead of empowering. I think they're wrong. What could be more empowering than saying this is me, this is what I look like, here I am!

This launched the hashtag #feministselfie, because self-love and celebrating who you are - finding the beauty even in your imperfections - is surely a feminist act.Veronica has taken it a step further and created #365feministselfie, asking us to post a selfie every day for a year.


My work and my time are valuable

I know that I just wrote that I will not be making resolutions for 2014, but I'm thinking maybe I will after all. Kinda. Sorta... It's not technically a new year's resolution, because I made this decision earlier in the year, but January is the time for this kind of talk, so I'll share with you anyway.

This year I resolve to value my work and my time.


The FINAL comic from I Read While He Plays Video Games

Here is the official conclusion to the "I Read While He Plays Video Games" comic series on ESC Comics...

All Things Must Come to an End 

Thanks for your loyalty all these years! Happy New Year! 

(Relive the entire series here.)