For 2014, I've decided to join in on #365feministselfie by posting a "selfie" (mostly on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) every day.

The idea was created by the awesome Veronica Arreola (Viva la Feminista) in response to criticism of selfies. Jezebel.com in particular called them out as being a "cry for help" instead of empowering. I think they're wrong. What could be more empowering than saying this is me, this is what I look like, here I am!

This launched the hashtag #feministselfie, because self-love and celebrating who you are - finding the beauty even in your imperfections - is surely a feminist act.Veronica has taken it a step further and created #365feministselfie, asking us to post a selfie every day for a year.

I'm not sure if I will last the entire year, but so far so good... I've never participated in a 365 challenge before and I'm not sure I'm suited for them. In fact, even the month-long NaBloPoMo (the blogger's easy alternative to NaNoWriMo) was pretty hard when I attempted it in the past... and that was done with a partner! So it's unlikely that I will make it 365 days without either forgetting to post a selfie or just giving up, but that doesn't really matter. For now, I'm just enjoying being part of a little community of women (and some men?) owning their looks and posting every day. Just scroll through the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter (or Flickr, where it was originally launched, although I don't personally post there) and you'll see how powerful this is... all those different faces, it really is amazing.

I decided to use a calendar photo app to keep track of all my daily selfies, mainly because I'm forgetful and taking selfies doesn't come naturally to me... so I didn't want to miss a day right from the start. It will be kind of cool seeing a whole month of me: a daily reminder of how my day went, 31 different perspectives on myself (x12 if I can make it all year). If you'd like to check out my calendar and watch it grow, you can view it at my365.in/Lilithabs. It's far from full (of course), but I hope to continue filling it with selfies as the year goes on. Wish me luck! 

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Or just follow the hashtag #365feministselfie on any social media network you can find. They are probably there. And please join in... it doesn't matter that you missed the first week or so. It's fun and you can send the message that loving yourself, flaws and all, is a feminist act. (Even if you don't personally identify with the word "feminist".)

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