My work and my time are valuable

I know that I just wrote that I will not be making resolutions for 2014, but I'm thinking maybe I will after all. Kinda. Sorta... It's not technically a new year's resolution, because I made this decision earlier in the year, but January is the time for this kind of talk, so I'll share with you anyway.

This year I resolve to value my work and my time.

This means that I will not work for free. I may still donate my time or work pro bono on a temporary basis, from time to time (on a case-by-case basis) but I will no longer allow anyone to take advantage of my generosity for their own benefit. I will not underprice my work because working for an amount too low might as well be for free and my time is too valuable for that. I will not work for (or with) the wrong people, that is, people who demand too much for too little or don't pay invoices on time or don't show respect for me or my talent.

I will no longer degrade my worth by "giving it away for free". I will no longer push myself to the point of exhaustion to build up someone else's value at cost to my own. I will no longer let bad bosses or clients push me around or walk all over me.

If there's just one professional resolution you make this year (for new year's eve or otherwise) this is the one it should be. Know your worth. Don't undervalue yourself or what you do. Even if that means losing some work... it is work worth losing (because in the long run it will cost you more than you realize). It took me too many years to realize this.


Happy New Year!

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