Same-sex couples on the Grammys & Disney Channel

I didn't watch the Grammy Awards last night. Instead I hung out with my daughter while she put the finishing touches on her project for her school's History Fair. Her project, entitled "Marriage Rights: The Fight for Equality" focuses on the history of same-sex marriage in the U.S. (Obviously, I'm so proud.)

While she was at home working on her project, same-sex marriage was represented at least twice on TV last night.

Last night, while my daughter wrote about the legal battle for marriage equality, "Same Love" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (featuring Mary Lambert) served as the soundtrack for a mass wedding of 33 diverse couples officiated by Queen Latifah. The performance included a surprise performance by Madonna.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis also won the Grammy for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album (for The Heist) Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song (both for "Thrift Shop").

We didn't watch the Grammys, but I did let her take a quick break from her work to watch Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel. Last night, Disney aired what I believe what I believe was their first same-sex couple. It wasn't perfect of course, but it was much better than it could have been.

I was impressed that a channel that has always prided itself as being "family friendly" finally showed that there is more than one kind of family.

Watch the full episode here.

It's 2014. It's about time that kids are able to see themselves and their families represented on television - and not just television for adults. Fox and ABC Family have been showing diversity for a while now (for example, Glee and The Fosters, respectively) so it's about time that Disney tries to catch up.

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