TV spin-offs/re-pilots I wish we could make happen

I've been watching Revenge from the start and I love the show but lately it has just gone off the deep end. Literally. Emily's been shot, nearly drowned, had amnesia... the show is turning into a soap opera and I'm not really feeling it anymore. I'd love to see the show go in a new direction or spin-off without all the annoying characters (ugh, Daniel go away). It worked for The Closer / Major Crimes and if even Community can re-pilot the series, why can't these shows? So inspired by that, here's a list of TV spin-offs or re-pilots I'd love to see.


I'm bored with the Graysons already. Victoria may still be one of the best villains on TV at the moment but I honestly hate Conrad, Daniel and Charlotte more than anything. I'm just so over it already. Let Emily finally get the revenge she needs (or give it up and be happy, whatever works). Once this happens she can be free to travel the world with Aiden and Nolan and start a revenge-for-hire business. They can use their skills to fight injustice. Jack can even help out, if he promises not to be annoying. A new revenge-of-the-week format would be a lot less tedious than the never-ending David Clark plot line. Sure it might be a rip-off of Leverage, but that was a great show and I miss it. Give Emily her closure and then let her use her powers of manipulation for good, to help the unfortunate.

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True Blood

The seventh (and final!) season of True Blood is set to air this summer, so they're prime for a good spin-off. Pam has always been my favorite part of the series and always will be. She just rocks and has grown into a fully fleshed out character in the last few seasons especially. I'm growing so tired of Bill and Sookie.There needs to be a True Blood spin-off that's just Pam and her progeny Tara, kind of like a bad ass buddy comedy but sexier and with extra blood and snark. As Pam's maker, Eric would make plenty of sexy appearances and Jason could visit from time to time for comic relief. Throw in a few shirtless cameos from Alcide once in a while and it would become my favorite new show.

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Vampire Diaries

Speaking of vampires, my other favorite is The Vampire Diaries, which released its own spin-off (The Originals) this past October. Personally, I think they spun-off the wrong characters. I'd much rather see them make The Doppelgangers starring Nina Dobrev, Nina Dobrev, Nina Dobrev and of course Ian Somerhalder (because he should star on every show, ever).

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Parks and Recreation

There's literally nothing wrong with this show as is and nothing bad would happen if Parks and Recreation stayed exactly the same as it is right now. But... you know what would make it even better? Adding Tina Fey to the cast! In case it wasn't already obvious to everyone on Earth that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are a comedy dream team, their repeat Golden Globes hosting proved it yet again. Let's have Liz Lemon of 30 Rock move from Manhattan to Pawnee and become Leslie Knope's new BFF (to replace Ann after the departure of Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones).

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Oh GOD I wish we could get Tina Fey to join Parks & Rec!!!!!!