I actually went to the The View

So I went to a taping of The View yesterday in Manhattan. I will be honest about the fact that I rarely watch The View. In the past every time I turned it on I would find myself yelling at the TV about some dumb shit Elizabeth Hasselbeck said, but she's not on the show anymore so I figured it would be okay. And I kinda dig Jenny McCarthy. My friends had an extra seat so I decided to join them and overall, it was a fun time.



Arresting rape victims who refuse to testify?

There's been a lot of talk recently about a controversial piece by Amanda Marcotte for Slate, entitled "Prosecutors Arrest Alleged Rape Victim to Make Her Cooperate in Their Case. They Made the Right Call." In it, Marcotte made the argument that it's sometimes okay to arrest and detain a victim of a crime in order to insure they testify, because it is more important to put the bad guys away than to be sensitive to their victims. After it was published, the Internet basically exploded and I don't blame them. Reading the piece made me very angry, then sad, then angry again... so I thought I'd join in and add my two cents.



Online dating photos... you're probably doing it wrong.

I've been doing the 'online dating' thing for a while now and I've started to notice a pattern of men making mistakes in their profile photo choices. (I'm sure women are doing it too, but since I'm currently seeking men I haven't been checking out too many female profiles.)

So here are a few of my least favorite profile photo "sins" and explanation of why they send the wrong message.

Sin: You only have one photo
What you think it says about you: This is what I look like.
What it really says about you: I'm catfishing you!

Having only one photo is suspicious. In this technological day and age of digital cameras, smartphone cameras, scanners, and social media... there is no reason why anyone wouldn't have more than one photo of themselves. Are you bad looking and this is the one airbrushed perfect photo you have or are you using a stock photo you found on the Internet to pretend you're someone you're not? You're either totally technologically inept or you're hiding something.


Social Media

I've been getting friend requests from "colleagues" on my personal Facebook profile more often... No offense, but I like to keep that profile relatively private (as in, people I actually know). So I've now created a Facebook page if like to connect with me on the site. It's still new, but you can find me at facebook.com/abbyrosedalto if you'd care to "like" me.


You can also follow me on any of my other social media accounts:


10 Love Lessons From Popular Dance Movies

There is a lot you can learn from dance films… but I don’t just mean dance moves. You can learn a lot about love from these flicks too. We all know that dance is often a metaphor for love… Whether you’re picking a partner, knowing when to lead and when to follow, or trusting someone else to catch you when you take a leap of faith… the same rules that apply to dancing apply to dating.

So for Valentine’s Day, here’s some advice to live by from the experts (Patrick Swayze, John Travolta, Channing Tatum and more)…

 Read more at LearnClubDance.com


Last Minute Valentine's Day Shopping

Need a fun last minute idea for Valentine's Day? If you order today you can get most items by Friday. Whether you're single and bitter, single and loving it, or in a relationship, there's something for everyone...

Singles Awareness Day



Why it's dangerous to call Dylan Farrow a liar.

I'm so sick of this constant Woody Allen news stream. I'm sick of people defending him, and then people defending the people who defend him, and then people defending those people. I'm sick of the speculation and the audacity that some people have to dismiss allegations based on their very limited experience of the situation.


It's true that we may never know for sure whether Dylan Farrow was in fact molested by Woody Allen as a child because we weren't there, but there are two major reasons why I've had enough of people suggesting that she wasn't...


Top 5 Things I'm Too Old To Love

I'm the parent of a teenager, so I find myself around teenagers a lot... I spend a huge chunk of my life driving teenagers around, ordering pizza for teenagers, helping teenagers agree on what movie to watch, and telling teenagers to shut up. So I'm way more exposed to teen life than I care to be. As a result, I have a  much more excessive knowledge and obsession about teen pop culture than I should.

These are the top 5 things I'm way too old to be obsessed with (but am obsessed with, thanks to my 13-year-old daughter):

1. The Hunger Games

The books, the movies, the ridiculous fashions of the Capital, the adorable stars... I love it all. (And I'm Team Peeta in case you were wondering.) When I think about having to wait another year for the next movie, it makes me a little crazy.