The Vampire Diaries: No Exit

They're back... The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW (after two weeks off) with "No Exit". This episode everyone's got conflicting priorities: Katherine is still trying to get with Stefan, Stefan is trying to find Damon, and Damon's just trying not to eat his friends.

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Enzo and Damon are holed up at some farmer's house, whom they have killed and turned. Poor guy has about one minute to come to terms with the fact that he is a vampire before Damon eats him and rips his head off. Now that Damon feeds on vampire blood - thanks to massive dick Dr. Wes Maxfield - Enzo is keeping him on a strict feeding schedule (you know, so he won't eat his old buddy). Damon needs to eat every 8 hours apparently.
Enzo: Oh stop trying to scare me Damon. I'm not leaving you. I'm the only friend you have left.
Soundtrack: Radioactive (Imagine Dragons). Welcome to the new age, indeed.

Back at Casa de Salvatore, Stefan is helping Elena study for a history test. Caroline arrives to report back from her mom (Sheriff Forbes) who agreed to help them track down Damon. He is on a rampage. Missing persons and animal attacks.. all the victims were found inside their homes, with dessicated skin. They realize that Damon is feeding on vampires.

Caroline gets a call from Tyler. They haven't spoken since "the incident". 
Stefan: The incident? You mean the time where he almost killed you?
But really, who hasn't almost killed a friend on this show? Tyler is looking for Matt. He tells her that Nadia has been compelling him and now he's missing. Caroline decides to come over, even Tyler totally didn't ask her to and totally doesn't want her to, so they can figure it out together.
Stefan: The bad news is Tyler hates you. But the good news is... hmm.
Caroline: It'll be fine. We both have weird ex... friend situations.
Stefan: Weird? There's nothing weird going on between Elena and me.
Yeah except that she's not really your ex Elena, she's your ex Katherine. And there's totally something weird going on between you two, whoever she is.

Katherine-Elena calls Nadia to find out what's up with Matt, who admits that he drank vervain and figured out that Elena was Katherine. Katherine wants her to kill him but Nadia says there's no reason he has to die. Aw, she has a soft spot for the guy. Katherine-Elena is going on a road trip with Stefan to look for Damon. She sees it as an opportunity to spend a few days alone with Stefan. And also an opportunity to prove to Stefan how much she cares about him, because he's still holding onto the hope that Damon can be saved.

Just as Damon and Enzo are leaving the farm house and its decapitated former owner, they hear Travelers chanting. They open the door of the house to find Dr. Wes and a whole mess of Travelers. They are trapped. Hence, the title of this episode "No Exit". Dr. Wes says they can't leave the house because he wants to do another test.
Dr. Wes: Now that you're trapped with only one source of food, how long can you go before you feed on your best friend?
Um... 8 hours?

Damon and Katherine-Elena stop at a gas station, where she reminds him that she's only on this trip for him and has no interest in trying to get back with Damon. She says believes he is beyond being saved and she's tired of getting let down by him.
Katherine-Elena: I want off the emotional roller coaster that is Damon's redemption. You know, it's dizzying. 
Soundtrack: You Belong Here (Leagues)
While Stefan is inside the gas station mart, Katherine-Elena messes around in the engine of his car, probably trying to make them breakdown so they can spend some time together not looking for Damon.When he discovers the problem, she conveniently gets grease on herself so she can suggest going to a hotel down the road to shower, etc. At the hotel, Katherine-Elena raids the mini bar.
Stefan: We'll get him back. He's hurt but he's not a lost cause.
K-E:What makes you think that?
Stefan: Because I know what he's going through.
K-E: What do you mean?
Stefan: You don't know what it's like being in love with you. You know when you and I were together, every single atom in my body told me that it was the right thing, that we were the perfect fit. That kind of love, it can change your whole life. And when somebody that made you feel that way suddenly stops, the vacuum is just...
K-E: I get it. They built a whole prophecy about it.
Stefan: He's not handling it right, but he's not gone.
Meanwhile, Damon and Enzo are still trapped in a house. Enzo is worried about what will happen in 8 hours, but Damon says he won't feed on him. He will find another way. What exactly will that be?

At Matt and Tyler's house it's super duper awkward (duh) and totally unnecessary for Caroline to be there. Matt walks in like nothing is wrong, with Nadia close behind. He tells them that he was headed out of town when he ran into Nadia again and she felt really bad about compelling him and snapping Tyler's neck, so they decided to go to Atlantic City together. Yeah that story is totally believable.

Caroline doesn't believe it, obviously, but he shows her he's wearing vervain and isn't being compelled. Caroline tries to copmell him herself, to tell him where he really has been but it doesn't work.
Matt: I told you, she's not compelling me. We're having fun.
Caroline: Oh fun, just like the time she buried you alive. Pop open the champagne!
Nadia tells Caroline that she knew she would judge Matt for hanging out with her, but she's not exactly making awesome choices in her romantic life either (ahem, Klaus) reminding Tyler that he hates her, so he leaves. Nadia is right about Caroline (even if Caroline is correct not to trust her). She's always been a little bit judgey and hypocritical.

Enzo decides to chain Damon to a chair, but Damon knows that they're not going to let them go until one of them kills the other.
Damon: There's no cure Enzo. Not for this.
Enzo: You've given it all of two days. That's what you do, isn't it? There's a problem, you run. You did it to me, you did it to your girl.
Damon: Because when I stay, I destroy things.
Enzo: We're not all as fragile as you think we are.
Words of wisdom from the homicidal vampire. 

Enzo takes Damon's phone and calls Stefan. Damon's pissed but Enzo isn't about to risk his life for Damon's stupid pride. Stefan is in the shower, so Katherine-Elena answers ("hello Stefan, how wonderful to hear your beautiful feminine voice") and Enzo tells her that Dr. Wes infected him and trapped them in the house. He assures her that he won't feed on her, and if he does he has strict orders to kill him. This gives her an idea. She agrees to come help them, but lies to Stefan about the call. Prediction: she's going to put herself in the situation where someone (Enzo? Stefan?) is forced to kill Damon to protect her, thereby eliminating Damon as a problem altogether.

Damon is pissed at Enzo for calling Stefan and potentially putting Elena in danger. He knows that Enzo would rather Damon eat Elena or Stefan, than himself. Just then Dr. Wes shoots Enzo (not in the heart, just to piss him off? Or slow him down?) He's glad that Enzo has chained Damon because then he can see just how strong Damon will become when he's enraged...
Dr. Wes: Conclusions -- very strong.
Enzo: Boy do I miss that indestructible Augustine cage right about now.
Damon starts to feed on Enzo, while he pleads "Damon please stop!" He does stop, but not by choice. His throat starts to burn from Enzo's blood. The Travelers used their witchy powers to raise the acidity of Enzo's blood, so Damon was drinking the vampire equivalent of hydrocloric acid. Yum! Dr. Wes tells Enzo he should leave before the spell wears off (to save his own life) but first he needs something from him. Since his only other option is to stay with his cannibal friend, Damon tells him to go before he tries to kill him again.

Back at the hotel, Katherine-Elena is taking a shower when Stefan yells to the bathroom that the car is done. She asks him to bring her a shirt and then conveniently leaves the bathroom door open slightly so he can catch a glimpse of her changing. Then she shows up behind him (fully dressed, this is the CW, not HBO) and they stare at each other until she kisses him.


He pulls away, because, it's wrong. She tells him she was just in the moment, so he should go settle the bill and she'll finish packing. Then she calls Nadia.
Katherine-Elena: Who do you think Stefan loves more? Damon or Elena?
She tells Nadia her plan to make Damon attack her and Stefan kill him to protect her. Meanwhile, Nadia is playing cards with Matt. (Really?)
Matt: Seems like you went through all this trouble to save your mom, but she only seems interested in Stefan.
Nadia: It's Katherine, I didn't expect mother-daughter boozy brunches.
Matt: Yeah, but you did expect something.
Matt tells her about his own mom and how she would repeatedly appear, let him down, disappear... yet he was always there for her when she reappeared. He's trying to convince her that Katherine will always care more about someone else (this time Stefan) than her daughter. She knows he's just trying to save Elena. She reminds him why he was always there for his mom when she did reappear.
Nadia: You forgot all those horrible things that she did, because at the end of the day she's still your mom. And you love her.
She drinks from him to test that the vervain is gone from his system. Since he's going to forget this anyway, he kisses her. He says that was to thank her because if he's going to be threatened and held against his will, he could think of worse scenarios. They start to make out, passionately against the table and he takes her phone, trying to text for help. He only gets out "Help. K" before she notices (um, hello, vampire) and knocks the phone out of his hand.
Matt: What'd you expect? Elene'a my best friend. I"ll always protect her.
Nadia: It just sucks. You were the only decent person in this town.
Matt: And I still am. And so are you.
Um really? Matt reminds her that she could've killed him that morning, but didn't, because she's not like Katherine. She compells him to forget all the stuff he's not supposed to know and only remember that they slept together, partied, had fun, etc. Caroline shows up (having received that short text) and Nadia attacks her.


She tells Matt that he may not remember, but this is his fault. Just then Tyler bursts in because "young hybrid beats old vampire every time". Really? Every time? Is that how it works? Apparently not because she gets away.
Matt: What a second! Does anyone want to tell me how this is my fault?
Oh, poor stupid Matt is back to being clueless about everything. At least he had one episode where he wasn't the dumbest person in the room.

Stefan and Katherine-Elena arrive at the house where Damon is trapped. He tells him to leave so he won't feed on either of them. Stefan says he's not afraid of him. Katherine-Elena walks inside the house and Damon tries to make her leave, but she can't because of the spell. She tells him she's going to prove he's not a lost cause (but you can tell she's trying to prove the exact opposite).

She cuts her hand so he will be tempted by her blood. She tells him that he can resist it because his love for her is stronger than any craving. He's fighting really hard but she's not going to let him. He starts to bite her on the neck while Stefan tries to pull him away. Katherine-Elena gestures to a piece of wood on the ground, for Stefan to use to stake Damon. Instead, he picks up a big shard of glass and slices his own arm. He encourages Damon to feed on him instead of her, but then snaps his neck.

Back at Tyler and Matt's, Matt has no memory of anything except sleeping with Nadia. Tyler apologizes to Caroline for trying to klll her. She thinks they can get past it and be good again.
Tyler: I said I was sorry. I didn't say I was past it.
He's still pissed. She slept with the guy who killed his mom, so it's totally justified. He doesn't know what is a "fair amount of time" to get past that and tells her they will never be "good".

Back at Casa de Salvatore, Stefan has Damon chained in the basement.
Damon: I know you can't help yourself, but if you bring home a rabid animal you're gonna get bit.
Stefan's not afarid of him. He's not afraid of a ripper, because he invented the term.  He's not going to give up on him because he's his brother.

Damon tells Stefan that Elena has given up. Stefan disagrees because she practically got herself killed trying to help him. But Damon sees it for how it really was. He reminds Stefan of how Elena was forced to kill Jesse when he became a ripper, to save Damon's life. If there was the slightest chance that there was another way to stop him, she'd have taken it but she didn't. She killed him. When she tempted Damon with her blood, she knew that he would attack her and hoped that Stefan would kill Damon. He thinks Elena wanted Stefan to kill him.

Sometimes a show like this can get really frustrating, when some of the characters' behaviors are so obvious to us - the viewers - but everyone else is just clueless. (For example, it has been pretty annoying that only dumb, simple Matt was able to figure out that Elena is really Katherine... no one else figured it out, not her brother, her two best friends, or either ex-boyfriend.) So Damon recognizing Elena's intentions at the house - even if he doesn't realize she's not Elena - was actually kind of refreshing.

Katherine-Elena meets Nadia for dinner and although Damon isn't dead, as she wanted, she and Stefan "had a moment" so she's feeling happy. Nadia on the other hand, looks unhappy. She's dying - having been bitten by Tyler during their fight - so she will probably die soon. (Wonder if this means another return from Klaus, since his blood cures vampires from werewolf bites).

Caroline asks Stefan what the "verdict" is on him and Elena. He says she's been acting weird. He tells her the story of their road trip - the car breaking down, the hotel room, the kiss - and Caroline is surprised that Elena would do that to Damon because it would destroy him and she knows it. He says he thinks she's given up on Damon and tells her Damon's theory about what happened at the farm house.
Caroline: She may be mad at him but she would never want him dead.
Stefan: Unless...  Matt texted you. 'Help, K' before Nadia stopped him. K as in Katherine.
FINALLY. They realize that Katherine probably put herself in Elena's body.
Caroline: It's impossible that she'd...  We would've noticed. It's Elena, we know her..... Oh my god.
Yeah, you should have noticed, dumbass! At least the cat is finally out of the bag... next week they try to get the Kat out of... Elena.

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