Can YOU Follow the Revenge Family Tree?

Revenge just keeps getting more and more complicated, to the point that it is pretty hard to follow who is related to whom, who is sleeping with whom, and who is on which side. So here's a little cheat sheet for the next time you watch - one part family tree, one part love triangle (or quadrilateral?), one part web of secrets and lies.

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Spontaneous Choreography

I love dance movies. I’ve seen both Dirty Dancings, both Center Stages, and every single one of the Step Ups. Sometimes the only thing better than a great dance movie, is a ridiculous dance scene in a non-dance movie. I like to call this “spontaneous choreography” because there’s no logical explanation for how the whole crowd can do the dance scene in perfect unison without it having been pre-planned. Logical or not, it’s usually fun to watch.

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The best of the worst movie dance battles

Everyone loves a good dance-off, but what I love more than anything is a bad dance-off.

These are my Top 10 favorite movie dance-offs that are hilarious and ridiculous. Some of the dancing is actually pretty good – while some of it is hilariously terrible – but each of these scenes is hysterical in its own way.


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