The Vampire Diaries: Elena's Back!

So Elena's back in control of her body... only not so much. Is it messed up if I admit that I much prefer Katherine-pretending-to-be-Elena to the actual Elena? (I guess it's just a testament to Nina Dobrev's acting skills.) In this episode, Elena is still trying to come to terms with the fact that she was so easily replaceable, as she struggles to fill in the blanks of what she missed. Also, she's trying not to kill her friends, now that she's been infected with a very special strain of the vampire "ripper"  virus.

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The episode opens up with Elena having a ton of fun - dancing on the bar, doing shots, toasting "to friends". Everyone's having a great time until Elena becomes a party pooper and tries to shame all her friends for being so stupid all this time (not realizing that Katherine had taken over her body). 
Elena: Am I seriously that easy to impersonate or do you guys not know me at all
Of course it's just a dream... but it's clear that Elena's subconscious ain't too happy about what happened the past few weeks. She wakes up in the dorms, which are empty. Stefan explains to her that everyone has cleared out for spring break and they have sealed her into the building thanks to Liv, Bonnie's new witch apprentice. He lets her know that before Katherine got kicked out of her body, she injected herself with one of Dr. Wes's nasty viruses so she now will crave vampire blood like crazy. (Also, they don't know it yet, but we know that her strain has a little something extra - some werewolf venom - to really fuck up the situation). Caroline is looking for an antidote and they're going to ration their blood to keep her satiated in the meantime. She needs to talk to Damon, but he's chained up in the basement of Casa de Salvatore, being served baby-sized cups of vampire blood by Jeremy and Matt. The guys are pissed at Damon for being an uber-dick the past few weeks. They want to tell Elena how Damon almost got them killed and did kill Aaron Whitmore.

Elena calls Jeremy and asks to speak to Damon...
Damon: So, eat anyone yet?
Elena: Nope. So far, I am symptom-free. Although Stefan still has me on the 'Damon Diet' just in case.
Damon: Oh yeah it sucks, you're gonna be craving carbs constantly. But hey, you know what there's a plus side. You get to keep your girlish figure.
They chit-chat as if everything is normal. She wants to know how Katherine used her to break his heart and apologizes. The last thing she remembers is running into his arms and feeling so safe. Then it went all downhill from there.
Elena: I wanted to fight for you. I still do.
Damon: Oh, Elena, the second we're cured of this and don't want to rip each other's heads off, I am gonna hunt you down and give you the most mindblowing night of your life.
So romantic. Those are the words every girl dreams of hearing right?

They don't know how to cure themselves, so Caroline is out looking for an antidote in Wes's lab. She comes across his recorder and hits play and coincidentally it is set to exactly the right moment in the tape (because that always happens) for her to discover that he managed to extract some of the werewolf venom from Nadia's blood before she died and used it to "make the ripper virus even more lethal to vampires." Just then Enzo enters. 
Enzo: So werewolves are real. I always thought that like, you konw, a joke. I'm Enzo. 
Caroline: The Enzo? 
Enzo: No, the other one.
He tells her that he has the antidote, but he can't just give it to her or else this would be a 10-minute episode.
Back at the dorms, Elena tells Damon that she needs to find Aaron, because she hasn't talked to him since he found out she was a vamprie. Damon says she probably won't find him, but doesn't tell her why. Then Stefan comes back with a new cell phone for her and 4 ounces of his blood to curb the cravings. She tells him she needs more. She is not feeling well and is only getting worse. She tells to trust her, she can handle this, she's fine. He slices open his wrist and she turns into a cray cray monster (but she's still sealed in the building, so he's safe).
Stefan: You're not fine Elena.
She's freaking out. She's a ripper now and she's pissed. She hates herself for being dumb enough to sit next to Katherine as she was dying and actually forigve her. Caroline calls to let them know that the shit has hit the fan even harder than they thought because "Dr. Creepenstein was workign on the next phase of his virus."

She explains that Elena is not only a ripper but also her bites will be fatal due to the werewolf venom. Also, the werewolf venom in her system probably isn't going to be great for her either. She needs Stefan to come meet her somewhere to get the antidote. She's going to text him the address but says she can't tell him what's going on because the Travelers don't want anyone to know what they're up to (especially not "newbie emo witch types with bad attitudes"). 

Elena wonders aloud, why Katherine would even stay in town at all, instead of running like she normally does, and pretend to be Elena. He tells her that she "wanted it all" meaning Stefan too. He admits that he and Katherine-Elena kissed but he pulled away and that was how he started to put it all together that she wasn't Elena.

Elsewhere, Liv is bragging about her skills to Bonnie as she refills salt and pepper shakers.
Liv:  I locked a vampire in her dorm with an invisible seal... I mean how many newbie witches have that on their resume?
Bonnie: If they do, they don't brag about it as loudly.
Liv is really starting to piss me the fuck off and it's clear she's pissing off Bonnie too. She spills some salt on the table and tells Liv to set it on fire with a simple fire spell. She tries, but fails.
Bonnie: That's weird, guess your resume still needs a little padding. 
Yeah, it was a pretty stupid burn (no pun intended) but the writers are working overtime trying to make Liv as unlikeable as possible... being cocky, flirting with Jeremy right in front of Bonnie... so I'm pretty sure we're supposed to hate her, right?

Back at the dorms, Elena calls Aaron but he doesn't answer. Someone really needs to fill her in on what she missed the past three weeks. She decides to read her diary and realizes that Katherine had been writing in it. I still call bullshit on the fact that Katherine would have ever kept a diary. I know this is The Vampire Diaries and all, but can we just please let go of this stupid plot device? These are college kids and hundreds-years-old vampires... they would not be writing "Dear Diary", I don't buy it! Can't we just do what Cougar Town did and just acknowledge the title no longer makes sense but we're still going to watch the show anyway? Or can we at least enter the 21st center and give one of them an online blog or video diary instead?

Anyway, she reads about Katherine's little encounter in the motel with Stefan and starts to imagine what happened. Of course, her vision is much naughtier than the real version of what happened and ends with her not understanding how he could not tell it was Katherine instead  of her. Then Damon shows up in the hallucination to make it worse.
Elena: Even dead, she is ruining our lives.
Stefan: Oh, you think this is bad? You have no idea, do you?
Elena: About what? About what, Stefan?
She snaps out of it and notices blood dripping onto the diary. Her nose is bleeding.

Stefan and Caroline go to meet Enzo and the Travelers and talk about how Damon should tell Elena that he killed Aaron.
Stefan: So what's in this for you? Aside from getting Damon to undo every positive decision he's ever made?
Enzo: Is it such an anomoly for Damon to have a friend? And if so, consider me honored.
Sloane the Traveler offers Stefan the antidote for the ripper virus (that they got from Wes before he died) in exchange for some help finding another doppelganger. Ugh, stop trying to make the Stefan doppelgangers happen. They're never going to happen. We don't want more Stefan. The Stefan we already have is too much. We want more Damon! Please give us a Damon doppelganger. Or even just a cousin or something. Although hopefully this Stefan doppelganger is as much of a badass as Silas was, because anything's got to be better than the real Stefan. Wonder if there are any more Elena doppelgangers left? Nina Dobrev has rent to pay too ya know. 

Back at the dorm's Elena is deteriorating from both the werewolf venom in her system and the vampire blood cravings. She's weak, she's sick and she's hallucinating. She calls Damon and asks him to distract her by telling her what else she's missed.
Damon: It's been unseasonably cold. Jeremy bought a bunch of new Xbox games that are ridiculously loud and obnoxious. Tyler had a party - it was lame. Oooh ooh ooh did you hear the gossip?
Elena: What gossip?
Damon: Caroline and an Original hybrid... sittin' in a tree.
Elena: No.
Damon: Yup.
He doesn't tell her about all the horrible murders he's been committing while she was gone, obviously. She starts to couch up blood and wants to know why they aren't just tracking down Wes and forcing him to make an antidote. Damon explains that he killed him, but he like, totally deserved it. She's upset because Wes was all that Aaron had left of his family - oh come on someone just tell her already!!

Back at Travelers' Base Camp (or wherever the fuck they are) Enzo tells Stefan that he picked up a little bit of information while spending the last few weeks with the Travelers. Apparently the last remaining doppelgangers are "special" (guess now that Silas and Amara are both dead they won't be making new doppelgangers anymore?) and the leader of the Travelers, Markos, wants the blood from the last remaining pair. They already took Elena and Stefan's blood a few episodes back, but his blood won't do squat until they find the other doppelganger who is hanging around out there and kill him, making Stefan the last. So does this really mean there are no more Dobrevs coming to the show? Booo.

Back at the dorm, Elena hallucinates Aaron. She tries to explain what's going on to him and then realizes he's "not actually here". She asks if he is dead and if she killed him. She gets snapped back into reality by some random dude we don't know. He says that his boyfriend dumped him so he came back from spring break early and he seems to know Elena well. It's Luke, they met at the Bitter Ball, they're like besties and she has no memory of him. He thinks she's just drunk. She needs to feed, so she compels him not to move, feeds him some of her blood and plans to turn him. Just before she goes to snap his neck she notices bite marks on his neck and deduces that his "friend Elena" (Katherine) had been feeding on his all this time. She compells him to forget their convo, find Bonnie and tell her to come there and "bring the witch". Elena needs to get the hell out of there. She calls Damon, freaking out, she's losing her shit and feels like no one is telling her the truth. She confesses that she thinks she killed Aaron and thinks that's what everyone is afraid to tell her. She tells him she's dying and she needs him to be honest with her now. He won't, so she throws the phone and starts to flip out that he's lying to her.

Damon calls to Matt to charge his cell phone and when he reaches for it, Damon takes him by the neck and removes his Gilbert ring. He yells for Jeremy and threatens to kill Matt if he doesn't undo his chains so he can go see Elena. 
Jeremy: I can't. You'll kill her.
Damon: She's gonna hurt herself Jeremy. She's totally unraveling.
Matt: Don't do it Jeremy.
Damon: Don't be an idiot Jeremy. Trust me. She needs me. I would never hurt her Jeremy.
(Of course, he almost ate her what... two episodes ago?)

Elsewhere, Stefan and Caroline are concnerd about the Travelers' plans. They're going to do a spell to link Stefan to his doppelganger (so they can find the dude and we assume, kill him). The last time someone (Qetsiyah) linked him to his doppeleganger (Silas) his memories were wiped so yeah, they're a little worried about it. He asks Caroline that if his brain gets fried to remind him that they were friends. Enzo takes the antidotes and says he will make sure the appropriate parties get them, while Caroline opts to stay with Stefan and watch out for him. They need his blood for the spell, so Sloane cuts into his hand, puts some blood on her fingers and holds them to his head. They do their chanting....

We return from commercial break and they are still chanting, chanting, chanting...
Caroline: Why is this taking so long?
Exactly what I was thinking Caroline. They find the other Stefan, who is apparently an EMT in Atlanta. (Ugh, really, the other doppelganger is an even better guy than Stefan? I want someone bad who will cause trouble, not good guy Salvatore 2.0.) Caroline thinks they're pushing him too hard. They need more - they need the doppelganger to be dead - but it might kill or brain-fry Stefan in the process, so Caroline jumps in to protect him. She holds a knife to Sloane's neck and tells her to tell them to stop. She has a plan for them to all get what they want.

Back at the dorms, Elena has set a fire and is burning books and clothes - anything that Katherine touched, so she can "cleanse" herself of her.
Bonnie: Elena stop. You're not yourself.
Elena: Oh that's ironic. because I wasn't myself for weeks and yet nobody noticed.
Liv: She's losing it.
Seriously STFU Liv. Elena tells Liv she needs to drop the seal and let her out. Bonnie tells her that it's the virus that's making her crazy and she needs to fight it and not let Katherine win. She stabs Liv in the stomach and says she'll die if she doesn't get some of Elena's healing blood... and she can't have it unless she drops the seal. Damn girl fights dirty. Can we just let Liv die? She sucks anyway.
Elena runs around the streets like a crazy person, coughing and flailing around. She hallucinates Aaron again, but then he becomes Damon. He tells her that she is hallucinating and gives her some of Stefan's blood to drink. 
Elena: She won. Katherine won.
Damon: Don't say that.
Elena: Look at me Damon. Look at me. Look at me! The plague of Katherine Pierce lives on. She's turning me into something that I'm not. I mean, look at me, I'm a monster. Liv, the witch, I almost killed her. And my friends, I want to kill my friends. I think, I think if I killed my friends...
Damon: Come here. It's okay
Elena: No, it's not okay. It's not okay damon. I killed Aaron Whitmore.

He confesses that he killed Aaron Whitmore, not her. He tells her it was the night that she (Katherine) broke up with him - he did it to convince himself that she was right. That he was the type of person who could kill in cold blood and would never change.You know, my exes have done some crazy things after a breakup, but none have ever gonna on a murder spree for me. Just then Elena asks why Enzo is there.
Enzo: Sorry to interrupt but I have the antidote. Although from the looks of it you'd both rather be dead.
Back at Travelers' Base Camp, Stefan wakes up and sees Caroline.
Stefan: Rebekah. Hi.
Caroline: Oh, my God.
Stefan: I'm kidding. Lexi, right?
Caroline: It was funnier the first time.
Stefan: Did it work?
Enzo: Engine's running Blondie. I appreciate the call, let's go do this thing.
Caroline explains that she wouldn't let Sloane fry his brain to kill the doppelganger, so she and Enzo are going to go to Atlanta and find him and kill him. It was Stefan or him... so sorry, EMT doppelganger. You have to die.
Stefan: I don't trust him.
Caroline: Don't wory, I don't either. I'll be safe. I promise.
Are we ever going to see a Caroline-Stefan romance? I mean, they're basically done every other possible combination on this show.

Back at the dorms, Liv complains that her shirt is like totally ruined, thanks to Elena. Bonnie apologizes. They both seem pretty calm considering that Elena is crazy and on the loose. I guess we're supposed to assume someone else clued them into the fact that they got the antidote in time?
Bonnie: Look, if you don't want any part of this, I get it. Magic isn't for everyone. I won't be offended.
Liv: No, I want this. And I want you to teach me.
Bonnie: Good. Then I'll see you tomorrow bright and early for some levitation!
Liv goes to her room and ignites a bunch of candles with an easy flip of her wrist and Luke is there waiting for her. Turns out Luke is her brother and all that "Liv is a bitch" foreshadowing was intentional.
Luke: Sorry to drag you into this but Elena thought she was compelling me and I couldn't give up the ruse.
Liv: I'm fine, after Elena gutted me she gave me some of her blood.
Luke: And how is our precious anchor to the other side?
Liv: I'm letting her think she's teaching me magic. It's kinda cute.
Luke: Until she realizes her friends are in jeopardy. Then not so cute.

Back at Casa de Salvatore, Elena and Damon are just hanging out, newly cured and having a drink. She tells him that he should have noticed that she was Katherine or that Katherine was her. He should've been the one that noticed. If he had just seen through her, neither of them would've had the vampire virus, Aaron wouldn't be dead... 
Damon: Katherine didn't do this. I did. I thought you broke my heart so I ripped open Aaron's neck. That is how much control you have over me.
Elena: And I'm still here. That's how much control you have over me.
Damon: Listen to us, this is toxic. We are in a toxic relationship Elena. I just killed your friend and you find someone else to blame!
Elena: You want me to blame you? Easy. Done. You screwed up Damon. Again.
Damon: Thank you!
Elena: You put me in a position where I have to defend you again... where I have to bend my morals again. Where I have to go against everything single thing that i believe in again, because I love you!
Damon: Then stop loving me.
Elena: I can't!
They agree that they don't work and it has to end. It's over. They're over! And then the kiss and start to rip each other's clothes off. Because it's never over!

Next week: 
Elena: Last night was a mistake.
Damon: We should keep making mistakes. 
Well, I know I've totally had that conversation before.

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