It's Day 100!

It's Day 100 of  #365feministselfie!!!! For the past 99 days, a lot of people have asked me "what is with all the selfies?"

So I'll explain it one more time...

The idea of posting a selfie a day for an entire year was created by the awesome Veronica Arreola in response to criticism of selfies. (Jezebel.com in particular called them out as being a "cry for help" instead of empowering.)  I can't think of a lot that is more empowering than saying this is me, this is what I look like, here I am! The feminist selfie has become a symbol of self-love and celebrating who you are - finding the beauty in your imperfections, in your flaws.

Even more recently, an article went around the Internet linking selfies to mental illness... um no. If you already have issues with self esteem, narcissism, or compulsive behavior...then yeah, maybe selfies aren't good for you. Maybe. If you're using selfies for validation from others - or if you're going to let criticism from others bring you down - then selfies are bad. But that isn't what #365feministselfie is about. When I post my daily selfie, it's not for self-indulgence or attention-seeking. It's about self-acceptance and representation. It's about the challenge of putting myself out there - flaws and all - and saying "this is me and that's okay and you can take it or leave it and I don't care."

Over the past 99 days, I've seen a lot of selfies that were definitely not narcissistic or seeking validation. Photos tagged with #nomakeup #nofilter ... photos that weren't necessarily flattering, but that showed what we really look like... photos of people feeling sad, angry, tired, sick, unshowered...

For many, #365feministselfie has been a way of documenting the full life experience, good and bad. I've been using a calendar photo app to keep track of all my daily selfies; you can view it at my365.in/Lilithabs. Follow the hashtag #365feministselfie on any social media network you can find to view selfie after selfie after selfie of so many amazing women (and some men too).

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