The 10 Show Cancellations That Make Me the Saddest

So most of the TV renewals and cancellations have been announced. I feel that some of the decisions were correct (good riddance Carrie Diaries) but others made me sad. Really really really sad. As in they cancelled Community officially for real this time sad.

I'm sure even more cancellation announcements are on their way (I've got my fingers crossed for the ABC Family's Switched at Birth coming back a fourth season). But for now, these are top 10 the shows that I am the most depressed to see go...
Honorable Mention: The Neighbors


The Neighbors sounded absolutely ridiculous to me when I first heard about it - aliens living in New Jersey? But then I watched it and I had to admit that it was pretty cute. And that's not just because my adorable friend Katherine Tokarz played "Mary Lou Retton" on the show (that's her kissing Simon Templeman's "Larry Bird" above). ABC cancelled the show after 2 seasons.

#10. Rake


There is something so satisfying about watching terrible people do terrible things and have terrible things done to them. (And on the rare occasion when they somehow do good things too, it can be quite incredible.) That's what Rake was like. Greg Kinnear's character Keegan Deane, a lawyer with a self-destructive streak and several bad habits, was the kind of character you love to hate and yet still find yourself rooting for at the end of the episode. Fox cancelled the show after one 12-episode season.

#9. Enlisted


Admittedly Enlisted wasn't the best thing on TV, but there was a clumsy charm to the show and its quirky ensemble cast that really appealed to me. The show revolved around an alpha control-freak soldier (sent home from Afghanistan after punching a superior officer) who has to adjust to his new life after he is assigned to supervise a rear detachment platoon of mistfits including his two brothers - a snarky slacker and a sweet simpleton. Unfortunately the show suffered from poor ratings thanks to the fact that Fox gave it a terrible Friday time slot (and a mid-season pickup to begin with) and aired some episodes out of order. The series was cancelled after only 9 of the 13 episodes aired.

#8. Almost Human


Almost Human took place in 2048 and was basically a buddy cop show except that one of the cops is an android. I didn't love this show, but I think I could have grown to love it. It was ambitious and cool and made you think about what it really means to be human. Of course, it was cancelled after one 13-episode season.
#7. Friends With Better Lives


I love Friends With Better Lives. Even though it's brand new I fell in love with this how immediately. It's got James Van Der Beek and Majandra Delfino (I've loved her ever since Roswell and have just been waiting for her to have a platform like this one)! That would have be enough... but this show also filled the gap that was left in my life when How I Met Your Mother ended earlier this year. I love this kind of ensemble comedy about quirky friends all at different stages in their lives. I think this show had a lot of potential and the chemistry between the cast was great. So it's a shame that this show wasn't given more of a chance to blossom and gain its audience. Only five episodes aired before it was cancelled by CBS. Hopefully they'll at least air the remaining episodes.

#6. Suburgatory


As someone who grew up in the suburbs - in an area not nearly as bad as Chatswin, but close enough - Suburgatory really appealed to me. Snarky Tessa Altman was the alternative heroine that teenage girls every where could relate to and/or aspire to be. She wasn't perfect but she was smart, opinionated, and very much not a follower. We could use a lot more characters like her on TV. However with the character going off the college soon there probably wasn't much left to do to save the show long term. The fact that the third season was only renewed for 13 episodes (instead of the previous seasons' 22 each) might have been a clue that a fourth season wasn't likely to happen.

#5. Mixology 


Mixology takes place in a bar called "Mix" over the course of one night - the longest night ever. (It's sort of like 24 for drunk singles.) The main cast consists of five men and five women who interact and cross paths throughout the season, with each episode focusing on two or three characters. The show hasn't gotten much love (or ratings) so it's no surprise that it was not renewed but I honestly really enjoyed it. Maybe that's because I'm a single woman who drinks or maybe that's just because I like the concept of several interconnected stories instead of one big one. Unfortunately I guess I was alone, because the 13th and final episode will air on May 21.

#4. Raising Hope


I love Martha Plimpton. She is fucking amazing. That reason alone would make me upset about Raising Hope being cancelled. However, this was also a great show. It was funny and quirky and had a really crazy ensemble of characters - including the great Cloris Leachman as "Maw Maw". Luckily, the producers knew that a cancellation was likely so the season finale worked as a series finale, but it's still really sad to see such a great show go, even if we did get four great seasons before it happened.

#3. Super Fun Night


Rebel Wilson might be my favorite people on the planet lately. I love her so hard it hurts. Kimmie, Marika and Helen-Alice are an ensemble dream team of quirky, awkward roommates. Everything that comes out of their mouths is amazing; every outfit is pure dorky perfection. I want them to be on every show. I also loved seeing a plus sized woman as the lead of a TV show that wasn't Mike and Molly (Sorry, I love Melissa McCarthy but I hate that show). I also loved the way they found a way to work in a musical number to almost every episode, even when it made no sense. The show might have been more successful if Wilson's character used her real accent (instead of faking an American accent). She's always funnier the more she is "herself". Sadly, Super Fun Night only lasted one 17-episode season.

#2. Trophy Wife


Trophy Wife was co-created by Sarah Haskins who I have utterly loved since her "Target Women" segments on Infomania. The show was (loosely) based on her life experience of marrying an older man with kids and ex-wives. However the show is truly unique and has a stellar ensemble cast including Malin Akerman, Bradley Whitford, Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins (whose character, Jackie, is by far my favorite). I loved the idea of a totally dysfunctional non-nuclear family actually... functioning, but that wasn't enough for ABC. The last (22nd) episode will air on May 13.

#1. Community


So sad. So so so sad. I love Community. There is literally nothing on TV like it and there may never be anything on TV like it again. This show is so smart and quirky and is truly amazing for a pop culture junkie such as myself (although Abed would surely puts me to shame in that category). This show has been at risk since it started. Every season I'd think it wasn't coming back... and then it would come back. I actually let myself get comfortable after season 5's "re-piloting" and this time it is official. No six seasons and a movie. (I'm praying Netflix will magically swoop in and give us one more season.) This is truly the darkest timeline. 

You might have noticed that True Blood isn't on the list. I fucking love that show, I do... but the last season especially was so all over the place that I'm kind of ready for them to wrap it up and let it go. Looking forward to the final farewell season but I'm actually not crying about it ending. Maybe I'll feel differently once the final season begins this summer but I'm kind of ready for it to end instead of continuing to go downhill. (All I really want is for an Eric and Pam spin-off where they do... literally anything.) On the other hand, I'm thrilled to see that Once Upon a Time is coming back (while thankfully Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is not).

There are some old favorites being renewed (both Bones and Castle, even if they follow the exact same formula), but also some shows that maybe need to bow out already (America's Next Top Model, I'm talking to you).  There are some interesting new shows being picked up and some less than interesting ones (I'm thrilled to see Scott Bakula on a show - any show - but does America really need another NCIS spin-off?). There are a slew of new shows that have a lot of potential to make me love them, get attached to them, and then make me cry over when they get cancelled next year.

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