The Best Wedding Movie Dance Scenes

Wedding movies range from romantic to funny to bittersweet... but one thing that is always memorable is the dancing! Here are some of the most memorable wedding dances from movies...



True Blood Final Season: Premiere

"Do you smell that?" that's how the last season of True Blood ended... the Hep-V infected vampires were headed into town to crash Arlene's mixer at Bellefleur's. The Season 7 premiere opens up to bloody chaos.


Last Chance True Blood Refresher

The seventh (and final) season of True Blood is set to premiere tonight. Tonight? Tonight!! I know that last summer feels like a long time ago, so here's a little reminder of what the major characters were up to when we last left them.


 The Season 6 finale left off after a 6-month jump in time... Where are they now?


Iconic Dance Moments You Know You've Tried To Reenact

Certain pop culture moments just stay with you after you’ve seen them. They’re not necessarily the best scenes from movies or television or music videos, but for whatever reason they’ve stuck with you over the years. Any of these scenes might’ve been part of your childhood experience or remind you of a certain point in your life. Maybe you’ve watched them over and over… maybe you and your friends tried to reenact them. (If you haven’t tried to recreate at least one of these moments then you probably at least wish you had.)
These are some of my iconic pop culture dance moments.

If you’re near my age, you’ve probably done at least one of the things on this list.


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The 10 Most Bad Ass Dads in Hollywood History

What would your parents do if you were taken hostage by terrorists? In honor of Father’s Day, here are ten of film’s toughest dads.  You know you wish one of these bad asses was your dad.


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10 Really Convincing Reasons Why Every Guy Needs A Platonic Female Friend

My best friend is a guy. No, we're not sleeping together and no, neither of us is gay. Most of our other friends suspect that we are secretly hooking up but the truth is that our friendship is totally platonic. In fact, he's such a good friend that I wouldn't ever consider dating him for fear of losing him (because I know a relationship between us would never work but what we already have is awesome).

I think that every heterosexual guy could benefit from having at least one close platonic female friend. And here are 10 really convincing reasons why... 


Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

If you haven't gotten something for that special man in your life yet, here are some last minute ideas...

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I Love My Baby Daddy


The Best Random Movie “Prop Dancing”

One of my favorite parts of musical films is the way the choreographers sometimes have to manipulate a scene to include singing and dancing where it might not necessarily make sense naturally. Sometimes this results in movie magic perfection. Other times... you get people dancing with bowling balls.

Yes, that's right. Dancing with bowling balls. Sometimes a prop makes a dance scene all that much better... and sometimes it doesn't. Here are a few of my favorite musical moments that involve some pretty random props...



True Blood Family Bloodlines and Love-lines

Summer 2014 officially starts on Saturday June 21... but the real hot and steamy action starts on Sunday June 22. That's when the seventh (and final) season of True Blood premieres on HBO.

It's been a rocky six years since the series began in 2008 and while I do love the show, I'm kind of ready to see it go (hopefully on a high note). 

There are a lot of storylines that were never fully tied up at the end of season 6 (which ended with a 6 month jump ahead in time) and several characters that we may or may not have seen the last of just yet. So it might be a good idea to remind everyone of some of the little details. Here's a partial refresher for all the True Blood fans out there... a handy guide to keeping track of who's who, who's related to whom, and who's dated whom...