Last Chance True Blood Refresher

The seventh (and final) season of True Blood is set to premiere tonight. Tonight? Tonight!! I know that last summer feels like a long time ago, so here's a little reminder of what the major characters were up to when we last left them.


 The Season 6 finale left off after a 6-month jump in time... Where are they now?

Sookie, Alcide and Bill

After having dated, slept with, or been pursued by just about every dude on the show, she is now dating friendly werewolf Alcide. But it's not True Blood if there isn't at least one love triangle, so Bill is back in town. Now that "Billith" is no more and Mr. Compton is back to his old self, he has become a best-selling author.

Sam and Nicole

Sam is now the mayor of Bon Temps, having apparently sold his bar to Arlene. He has suggested a plan to keep everyone safe: each healthy vampire will pair up with a family who will feed him or her in exchange for protection from the sick HepV-infected vamps. His girlfriend Nicole is looking pretty pregnant.

Arlene and Mikey

The Widow Bellefleur now owns and runs "Bellefleur's" (formerly known as Merlotte's). Mikey is... still a baby.

Tara and Lettie Mae

Last we saw Tara, she was feeding on her mom's blood because... family. Basically her mom felt guilty for being a shit mom for so long, that she wants to help her daughter out now that she's a hungry vampire.

Jason and Violet

Jason is "dating" the super possessive vampire Violet, but she still won't let him have sex with her.

Jessica, Andy and Adeline

Jess is still wracked with guilt over having killed 3/4 of Andy's fairy-hybrid daughters. Last we see her, she was trying to make amends with the Bellefleurs by offering to protect Andy and his one surviving daughter Adeline.


Lafayette has had a really shitty time for a while, so hopefully he'll have a happy storyline for the final season?

Eric and Pam

Eric and Pam are both still MIA. Last we saw Eric (six months earlier) he was sunbathing in the snow naked, you know, like he does. He started to get a little toasty when everyone's day-walking powers wore off, so who knows what happened to him. (I'm going to go on the record and say that there's no way that he's dead. HBO would not do that to us. They just like to tease.) Pam hasn't been seen since she went off looking for him. Two of the best characters on the show... they better both be coming back.

Bon Temps in general

Hep V has become an epidemic, with infected vampires running amok. Just as the season 6 finale was coming to a close, a  horde of infected vampires were gathering and about to attack. Dun dun dun......

Open questions and unresolved storylines

"Where the hell are Eric and Pam?" is probably the most pressing question on everyone's mind... but there are a lot of other loose ends that need to be tied up before the show ends forever. 
  • What is Alcide doing with Sookie instead of his pack? Last we saw him before the six month jump, he was the new pack leader and getting it on in a werewolf threesome. How exactly did he find himself dating Sookie six months later?
  • And where is Emma? Martha and the werewolves took her from Sam last season because they believed she belonged with the pack. They promised to keep her safe. Did they? How are the werewolves reacting to the HepV-infected vampires taking over town?
  • When Jason, Eric and Bill saved all the vampires from the "Vamp Camp" vampire jail, Jason had the opportunity to kill Sarah Newlin but didn't. He couldn't do it because he didn't want anymore blood on his hands. She ran away but I don't think she's gone for good. 
  • What happened to Crystal Norris and the werepanthers? We haven't seen them since season 4 when she and the rest of her pack raped Jason in an attempt to get pregnant. Is there any chance she might show up with a little baby Jason werepanther? 
  • Are all of the other fairies and hybrids dead? Over the past few seasons we've seen a group of nasty fairies up in the fairy realm (feeding hybrids "light fruit" to keep them there) and a group of sexy fairies in a secret nightclub in the middle of a field. Warlow wiped most of them out, but there must be a few survivors. Have we seen the last of them? What about Sookie's cousin Hadley and her hybrid son?
  • Speaking of fairies, when Maurella left her four babies with Andy she told him he was responsible for taking care of them and making sure that at least half of them make it to adulthood. Only one is still alive... is Maurella going to come back and be pissed when she learns that three of her daughters died under Andy's watch?
Just a few more hours until the premiere!!!! Here's your last chance to catch up on Season 6 before tonight: Watch It on Instant Video

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