True Blood Family Bloodlines and Love-lines

Summer 2014 officially starts on Saturday June 21... but the real hot and steamy action starts on Sunday June 22. That's when the seventh (and final) season of True Blood premieres on HBO.

It's been a rocky six years since the series began in 2008 and while I do love the show, I'm kind of ready to see it go (hopefully on a high note). 

There are a lot of storylines that were never fully tied up at the end of season 6 (which ended with a 6 month jump ahead in time) and several characters that we may or may not have seen the last of just yet. So it might be a good idea to remind everyone of some of the little details. Here's a partial refresher for all the True Blood fans out there... a handy guide to keeping track of who's who, who's related to whom, and who's dated whom...

[Click on any photo to enlarge it] 

Missed Season 6? Catch up now before Season 7 starts!

[Key: Each character is color-coded by species. Red = vampires, Orange = werewolves, Yellow = werepanthers, Green = shifters, Blue = witches and mediums, Pale Pink = fairies and halflings, Bright Pink = vampire-fairy hybrid (there's only one, it's Warlow), Purple = maenads (again, there's only one), Off-White = human beings. Black and white photo indicates that the character is deceased.]

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