True Blood Final Season: Premiere

"Do you smell that?" that's how the last season of True Blood ended... the Hep-V infected vampires were headed into town to crash Arlene's mixer at Bellefleur's. The Season 7 premiere opens up to bloody chaos.

Sick vampires are attacking both humans and healthy vampires, healthy vampires try to protect people, but it is a massacre. Tara defends her mother. Someone grabs Arlene and Holly, Kevin (a deputy or something) and then later Nicole, Sam's pregnant girlfriend. Sam strips down and shifts into a dog to chase after her. Just as two vampires have got Sookie cornered against a wall, a sharp whistle blows in the distance and they all run off... leaving behind a mess of bloody bodies: some dead, some injured, all traumatized.

Jason runs to Sookie and tells her that the Holly, Arlene and Jane Bodehouse have been taken. Cut to Lettie Mae covered in blood and crying that they killed Tara. Now I have not exactly been a fan of Tara over the past six seasons (there were times I even wished that if they weren't going to give her some better material to work with that they would just kill her off). However, it seems really wrong to have her meet her demise so quickly into the start of the new season (before the credits even) and have it all happen off screen. I guess this is a reminder that on True Blood, no one is safe. Any character - even a major one - can die at any moment. (Of course, on True Blood "dead" doesn't always mean gone so it's possible that Rutina Wesley may still be back before the finale, in one form or another. I think she deserves an actual farewell better than just Lettie Mae crying covered in blood.) Also... the black guy always dies first.

Jason calls Andy at home to let him know what happened and that both Arlene and Holly were kidnapped by the Hep V-vamps. He grabs a gun and warns Adilyn to stay inside no matter what. Jessica, who has still been hovering outside the Bellefleur residence, tells Andy that she will stay and protect Adilyn. He reminds Adilyn not to invite Jessica in no matter what.

At Bellefleur's Sookie is overloaded with everyone's terrible thoughts - which range from freaking out over what just happened, to hateful thoughts about vampires, to hateful thoughts about Sookie (e.g., "fucking vampire whore" and "shameful slut"). Many people clearly blame Sookie for what happened. One man - we later find out his name is Vince - notices a wolf and dog arrive outside and sees the dog shift into a naked Sam Merlotte.

Willa tells Lettie Mae that she has to drink her blood to heal but she doesn't want to. She doesn't trust vampires (except for Tara, kind of, and she's dead). She hesitantly drinks. Sam and  Alcide return to inside and Andy criticizes Sam for his stupid "vampire human mixer" idea. Bill says the vampires will be nesting, probably in abandoned buildings. Andy instructs Jason to take Violet and go looking one way and Bill offers to go with Andy because it is not safe for any human to be out without a vampire.
Alcide's thoughts: I'll never understand how she could love the dead. If she had only walked away we wouldn't be in this mess right now.
This is too much for Sookie and she walks out.

Jessica calls James to see if he's okay. Wait, that's not James. Or is it? It's certainly not Luke Grimes who played James in season 6. (Apparently he's been recast with Nathan Parsons.)

Old James (Luke Grimes)
New James (Nathan Parsons)
She lets him know where she is (protecting Adilyn) and he asks if she has fed. She claims she's not hungry but he reminds her that she needs to eat. If she doesn't, she won't be strong enough to protect herself, let alone Adilyn.

The man who saw Sam shift (apparently he's named Vince and he was Sam's competition in the race for mayor) approaches him and says "you're a dog". And he means it literally, not like 'you a dawg." He says he saw him shift but Sam begs him not to say anything to anyone or people will panic. He asks him to keep it secret, for now, for the sake of the town.
Sam: You tell these people their mayor's a dog, all that's gonna do is make you look crazy.
Bill and Sam instruct everyone to go home where it's safe. Every Hep-V negative human should take their assigned vampire home with them and let them feed. Tomorrow morning they will meet at Rev Daniel's church to figure out how to help those who have been hit. James goes with Lafayette, who is drunk. Sam declines the help of his assigned vampire, but he tells him that he needs to follow his own plan. Alcide calls Sookie but she doesn't answer. She's walking home in the dark through the woods alone. Yeah that's safe Sookie. Good idea Sook. She sees Alcide in her caller ID and throws her phone away in disgust. Smart girl. She trips over a woman's dead body but just gets up and keeps on walking.

Meanwhile in Morocco, Pam is playing vampire Russian Roulette in a big crowd. (Or I guess it's Moroccan Roulette?) She fires a gun at her chest but it is empty. Her competitior does the same and says he has survived 27 times (now 28) because Allah loves him. She says her god fucking hates her and fires again. Everyone she loves leaves and everything she touches dies.
Pam: Your god and my god can go to a hotel and have a circle jerk for all I care. I'll be in hell having a three-way with the devil.
Nizar: Your words are hollow. I can see the love and pain in your eyes. Because this feeling... right now makes you closer to god, no? Makes you know you're alive?
Pam: You're dead.
Nizar: No, I'm not. I'm alive.
He fires at himself and burst into a puddle of blood. Well now he's dead. Pam is the last vampire standing and she asks the ringleader where her maker is. He gives her a piece of paper.

Back at the Bellefleur home, Adilyn waits nervously inside the house as she peeks out the window to check on Jessica on the porch. she opens the window to talk to her. She says she overheard Jessica tell Andy that she won't hurt her, which Jessica says that she meant. They both admit that they still have nightmares about the night that Jessica drained her and her sisters. Adilyn now realizes it was because of her blood - it is different, she smells so good. She knows she should hate her but she doesn't. Then they talk about Jessica's boyfriend (which is odd, but reminds us that Jessica is really just a teenager herself) and Adilyn admits she has a crush on Holly's son Wade.

Just then a dark figure appears in the distance. Jessica yells out "she's mine!" to protect Adilyn.

Back at Sookie's house, Alcide comes home to find that Sookie walked home alone. He's pissed. She admits she read his thoughts (she couldn't help it, they all just kept coming in and it's hard to block it out). She is angry that he doesn't love and support her and that he blames her for what happens to the town. He says it's not fair to judge him on something he thought and he does love her. She knows all this but she is cursed to know the real truth of what people think of her always and always hear everyone's pain and hurt and ugliness. Even Jason and Andy and Sam... every human in town. They both apologize but she says she needs to be on  her own right now. He doesn't look happy about that but he goes upstairs.

Meanwhile Jason and Violet are driving to look for a vampire nest. He asks how many people she's seen die and she admits she has lost count. He talks about Tara, how they grew up together and how weird it is that she is just gone. They get to the old Reeves place and notice someone is already there (a car is parked outside). They find Vince, Lou (a young kid whose brother Caleb was taken), another man and a woman, who are hunting the "H-vamps". They want to take things into their own hands and criticize Jason. Violet defends him and warns everyone to get their guns out of his face and knock it off or basically she'll kill them. Aw, protective girlfriend. Jason is clearly annoyed by this, even if she was just trying to help

James bring Lafayette home, where he continues to drink. He says he likes his place which Lafayette refers to has having a "certain ghetto je ne sais quoi". He says he will feed him as soon as he gets himself "altered" (he needs to get his head somewhere else) so they smoke some weed together. Can vampires get high? I fee like he's just wasting good weed. He tells him he is sorry about his cousin but Lafayette admits he feels relieved and questions how fucked up that is. He grieved the first time she died and now the second time he feels nothing inside. James tells Lafayette that all his friends died in Vietnam. He was a draft-dodger and a pacifist who doesn't believe in violence. One day he was home for Christmas and an officer came to his best friend's house to notify the family of his death. When he went across the street to pay his respects to the family, the father grabbed a bat and beat him with it in the middle of the street, calling him a "hippie faggot" and leaving him there to die. A vampire in town took pity on him and turned him that night.
James: There's zero point in feeling pain or fear or grief or regret. You an laugh, you can cry, you can smoke out. It doesn't matter. ...to Tara or to the universe. It makes no fucking difference.
Lafayette: You are one metaphysical fuck.
He offers his wrist to him to drink. Okay, so this James has two fangs... didn't original James lose a fang at the camp because he wouldn't sleep with Jessica against her will? Do fangs heal? What the heck...

Jason complains to Violet that she undermined him and made him feel foolish and weak. She won't let him fuck her or do his job, but she feeds on him every night and it's bullshit. He tells her that he's going to fuck her now. She says it's about time; she has been waiting. Guess she just wanted him to take charge? Interesting. Then he fucks her up against the police car in the middle of the street. Yeah, don't worry about those vampires you were tracking or the fact that you or any of your friends could be killed at any moment. Just have a little public quickie on the car. Sure, we'll wait.

Outside the Bellefleur home, Jessica and the sick vamp are having a shouting match over Adilyn. She opens the window again but Jessica tells her that even if she doesn't invite him in, he still may be able to hurt her. She tells her to drink a drop or two of her blood, so she will always be able to know where she is at any time... so she can always protect her. Adilyn doesn't trust her. The last time she did, she killed her sisters and almost her. But finally she takes a quick drink. Just then the sick vamp starts to move closer and Jessica charges at him warning him to stay back.

At Rev. Daniels' house, Lettie Mae is bugging out. She's high from drinking Willa's blood and is looking for Tara all over the house. Rev Daniels tries to calm her down while she repeats again and again "Tara, I'm right here, I won't leave you." He tells Willa about Lettie Me's "issues" and says she's not to have anymore blood, but thanks her for her help. She admits she has nowhere to go. Eric's gone, Pam's gone, she was rooming with Tara but she can't go back there now with her being gone. He tells her to come with him and walks her to the church basement. It isn't much but it's light-tight and she can stay as long as she likes.

Back in Morrocco, Pam is still looking for Eric. I guess the fact that she's still searching (and hasn't sensed his death) means that he is still alive. Wait, what time zone is it in Morocco? They should be about six hours later than Louisiana, so if it's late night in Bon Temps shouldn't it be daylight where Pam is by now? She tells a woman she is looking for Najat and gives him the piece of paper. He laughs until she pulls out a huge wad of cash and gives it to him. He offers his daughter to Pam to feed on; apparently the only clean blood in North Africa is child blood. She declines, but he tells her she needs to feed. She just wants the information and he hands her a hand-drawn map. It looks like a map of a part of France. What kind of a wild goose chase is she on here?

Sookie goes upstairs to find Alcide in bed. He's shirtless of course, because it wouldn't be true blood if Alcide wasn't shirtless as much as possible. Sookie gets naked and curls up next to him, putting his arm around her. She says she's sorry and he tells her it is okay and he loves her. She says I love you too and they start to kiss and then make love. You're welcome.

Andy and Bill arrive at the old slaughterhouse. Bill can tell that vampires have been nesting there. Andy yells out for Holly but no one answers. He gags at the smell and they open a curtain to find dead bodies hanging upside down. He vomits and leaves the room, where they find the team of vampire vigilantes, holding guns on them.
Vince: For every human a vampire, for every vampire a human? Look at what they're doing to people!
He's pissed because Andy told them to trust the vampires and now people they love are dead and their friends have been taken. Of course, it wasn't the healthy vampires who did all this so I don't really see what was so wrong with the plan. Probably even more people would be dead if they didn't have the healthy vampires helping to protect them at Bellefleur's. Bill admits that the mixer was his idea so it's him he wants, not Andy. He reminds them that Andy wasn't at Bellefleur's. He didn't show up til he got the call about what happened because he was staying at home in protest, so they should let him go. Vince tells Andy to go because he doesn't want to see what's going to happen next, but Andy says he and Bill have a history and it's not a good one. If he's going to die, he deserves to do it. Vince gives Andy his gun and he aims it at Bill, but then turns around and aims it at Lou. He tells him to forget that Andy's the sheriff and remember he's another human being. And you can't come back from pulling the trigger at another human being.
Andy: Pull it. Your life's never gonna be the same. You be sure this is what you wanna do 'cause I will pull my fucking trigger, Lou. I've done it before and I'll do it again, so help me god I will.
 The boy lovers his weapon and Andy tells them all to go home because it's not safe. They accuse him of standing by as H-vamps destroy their town, but he says no one is standing by. They leave but they say it isn't over. These people are fucking idiots. Vampires are terrorizing your town and they want to turn on the few good vampires who are willing to help and try to protect your dumb asses? Bill just nods at Andy. He knows that Andy has every reason to want him dead, but he also knows he will do what is best to find Arlene and Holly.

Cut to wherever it is that the vampires have taken their captives. Holly, Arlene, Nicole, Jane Bodehouse, and Deputy Kevin are all chained up. They can hear a swarm of vampires feeding on another man (presumably Lou's brother Caleb?) while he yells out in pain and horror. Kevin is not optimistic about being saved.
Kevin: Bon Temps got a police force of five people and I'm one of them.
Turns out they are in Shreveport in the basement of "a fangbanger bar" (are they at Fangtasia?). Arlene is freaking out and Nicole is worried about her baby, but Holly tells them both to calm down and it will be fine. Leave it to Holly to be fucking rational while chained up in a basement. Wait, speaking of babies... where the hell is Mikey? A vampire comes down to take a new victim and Arlene begs "please please please don't kill me". He goes from person to person sniffing and thinking. He selects Kevin, who begs for his life, and drags him to the stairs where he feeds on him right in front of everyone, as the women look on and scream.

Outside the Compton home, Bill thanks Andy for what he did. He says he saved him only because he needs his help to get back Holly and Arlene but they're not good and never will be after what he did to his family. Bill gets out at home and as Andy drives away, he flashes back to memories of his human family before he was turned.

Back at the Bellefleur home, Jessica and the sick vampire are still in the middle of their standoff. Dawn is coming soon, so they're both beginning to slowly smoke. He asks if she will die for her but she refuses to leave. Adilyn calls out to her and says she trusts her. Jessica reminds her that she shouldn't, but Adilyn invites Jessica in anyway. She steps outside the doorway, so Jessica runs, dragging Adilyn back over the threshold. For a second, she looks as though she may feed on her but she lets her go and Adilyn points her to where she can go be in the dark, while the sick vampire burns up on her porch. Yuck.

At church that morning, Sam and Andy stand by as Rev. Daniels speaks to the crowd. Sookie enters and touches Lettie Mae's shoulder to offer her support and condolences but she says "don't you put your hand on me Sookie Stackhouse". She tells her it is her fault that Tara is dead. She led her down a path to hell and she isn't welcome in their house of god. The whole congregation thinks evil thoughts about her, calling her "vampire fucker" so she gets up to leave. But then she turns and speaks to the crowd.
Sookie: I can hear you. I can hear each and everyone oof you. At least Lettie Mae's got the decency to say what she thinks to my face. I've lived in Bon Temps my whole life and I love this town. And I've known all of you my whole life. And even though most of you hate me, I love just about everybody here. And I know what most of you think of me... that some of you blame me for what's happened. And you're not wrong. I played a part but we can't go back to the way things were and I can't save those who have been lost. But some of our friends and loved ones are fighting for their lives right now and for better or for worse, nobody in this town knows vampires better than me. I wanna help. Please let me help.
Cut to the credits as "Jesus Gonna Be Here" plays.

I'm not sure how I feel about this episode. Why is this all Sookie's fault? Just because she dated a vampire? That makes no fucking sense whatsoever. There were vampires in town long before her and they would'vRFe still been if it hadn't been for her. How about a few seasons ago when Sookie helped save all their asses from Maryann the maenad? If it wasn't for her, they'd all be dead (or still having drunken trance orgies). She also played a part in protecting the community from the likes of Russel Edgington. So they're all being a bunch of assholes in my opinion.

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