True Blood Final Season: Lost Cause

In the fifth episode of True Blood's final season, everyone is partying it up. Well almost everyone. 

Fangtasia is getting a deep cleaning - the dead bodies are being removed, the vampire guts are being hosed away. It's reassuring to see that Ginger is still alive. After last week's flashbacks I was really hoping that she was okay. Of course, it seems like everyone might be dead by the finale so she probably doesn't have much longer for this earth, but at least she's okay for now.

Inside, Willa is still mighty pissed for being abandoned as a baby vampire. She tells Pam that Tara raised her - teaching her to feed, control her impulses, etc. - and that Eric and Pam both left them when they needed them most.
Eric: You're right. I've been a terrible maker to you. And for that I am truly sorry. I do not regret turning you and I am proud to call you my progeny. 
Eric tells Willa that they are going to kill Sarah Newlin before he meets the truth death and questions whether Willa knows where she is (seeing as she was practically her stepmother). She refuses to go along for the ride but agrees to tell him what she knows in exchange for him releasing her.
Pam: Like being kicked in the cooch by a wallaby isn't it?
Oh Pam, never change. Willa tells Eric that Sarah has a sister named Amber Mills, who is a vampire. Pam is skeptical that it could be possible for Sarah Newlin to have a vampire sister no one knew about but Willa swears she overheard her on the phone once. The call came from a Dallas area code. Ginger hears that they're leaving for Dallas and is upset. She knows she won't ever see them again and begs Eric to bring her with them.
Ginger: I have been your sex slave for fifteen years Eric Northman, and we ain't never had sex! Handjob, blowjob, nothing. Do you know what a sex slave is without the sex? A slave. Now, you are taking me with you to Dallas. And if you can't fucking take me, then you had better fucking fuck me before you go.
Eric: Ginger, I'm diseased.
Ginger: So the fuck am I!
I assume they leave without her because the next scene is her screaming (always!) on top of a coffin as men pack it into the back of a van and she falls to the ground. Aw, poor Ginger.

Sookie returns to her house to find Lafayette and James waiting for her. Lafayette just finally heard about Alcide ("and everything") so he came to see how she was. Um, how exactly was James able to enter her home without her being there? Has Sookie issued an open invitation to every vamp in town?
Sookie: The house is empty.
Lafayette: Well, that big man of yours did take up a lot of space.
His father Jackson will be there in the morning so she needs to clean up, but Lafayette makes her go get some sleep instead. He promises he will be there when she wakes up. When she wakes, Jackson is there and he's already cleared out all of Alcide's stuff because he knew how hard it would've been for Sookie to do it. When she's ready, she can go through it if she wants to. Meanwhile James and Lala have set up a huge feast in her home while she slept. "Jenny" is there to help (who is Jenny? Is that Jackson's girlfriend? I honestly cannot keep track of all these nobody characters mixed in with the old school characters as if they've always been around.) They're throwing a party for the whole town. Um... that's kind of ballsy. Sookie is not thrilled by their nerve, but Lala says they are "motherfucking celebrating life."
Lafayette: What would Tara want? What would Alcide want?
Jackson agrees that Alcide would want people to be together with her. Bill comes to the door and brings Sookie flowers because he did not have any alcohol handy and was told never to show up to an event empty handed, huh. This old fashioned gentlemanly bullshit of Bill's is so damn nauseating. I do not understand why Sookie and Bill are the show's power couple; I really would love to see him meet the truth death. Even though both Bill and Eric have had their moments of sweetness paired with their evil, abusive moments... I still love Eric a hundred times more than anyone else Sookie has been paired with on the show. Alcide was cool and shirtless, but my heart will always belong to Eric.

Speaking of the sexy devil, in the next scene Pam and Eric have arrived in Dallas at Amber's house. She is visibly infected with Hep V, just as Eric is. She explains to him that she was always the "black sheep" of the family and that Sarah freaked out when she was turned into a vampire. She paid her cash to stay "in the coffin" and then, as part of the Fellowship of the Sun, publicly claimed that her sister was "taken by evil vampires and disappeared into thin air." But she was there, hiding out, watching TV, drinking Tru Blood. Her boyfriend Jeremy, who had turned her, died of Hep V in her arms. She feels guilty for not having come out as a vampire in the first place, but Eric tells her that none of what has happened was her fault, it was Sarah's. If she had come out, Sarah would've had her killed in a second. Eric wants to know where Sarah is and Amber is totally okay with him killing her.
Amber: Are you gonna kill her?
Eric: There's a real good chance that's the way it's gonna go down.
Amber: Then you can count me in.
Pam: I like her. I like you.
Is it alright if I haven't made up my mind about you yet?
Pam: Yeah, I really like her.
Amber says she hasn't seen her sister in years, but she called there earlier. She said she just got to Dallas and needed a place to hide but Amber told her to fuck off. She tells Eric that they will probably go running to her parents. They will be at a gala at the Bush Library, so that's probably where she will be.
Amber: You'll never get in. You're vampires. Security's gonna be tight and they only invited assholes.
Eric: You don't know us, sweetheart. We can be assholes.
Lettie Mae wants to go to the party but Rev. Daniels doesn't want her to because there will be alcohol and vampires. She claims she wants to go to say goodbye to Tara, since there won't be a grave for her to visit, but she's probably full of shit. She grabs a jar of Benadryl pills and we can only assume she's got something sinister planned.

At Sookie's, the party is hopping and a bunch of people we have never seen before are partying it up. There are more people of color at this party than there have ever been in one room in Bon Temps before. I guess they're trying to make up for the terrible ways they've handled race over the years but having a token party of extras is not really the way to do it. Bill is hanging out, looking like someone's dad. You know you've been to a party where there's one older dude chaperoning, awkwardly hanging on the sidelines, watching the young folk enjoy themselves, while nodding his head to the music slightly off beat... Yeah, that's Bill.

Arlene is pouring drinks for her, Holly and Jane Bodehouse (so she is still alive! I was sure she was dead last week when the cavalry came into save them from Fangtasia), raving about how they dodged a bullet. Interesting how none of them are traumatized anymore despite being near death not too long ago. Pregnant Nicole sits by looking less enthused, probably because she can't drink, while Sam hovers, looking kind of like the other old dude chaperoning the party with Bill. I wonder if he's still the mayor. He mentions that it's "amazing what a little shut eye can do to come the nerves." Sam, is that you way of saying all it took was some booze to make you feel better? Jane Bodehouse claims that she is going to get her shit together now that she's got a second chance at life but says she'll start tomorrow and pours another drink.

Zoom in on Bill's old man dad face as the "old Bill flashback music" plays. Great, another look at his past human life. Snooooore. He's in old timey town having friendly chit chat with a slave when his douchey rich master interrupts to inform Bill that Lincoln "has called his soldiers" so war is imminent. Based on their education and breeding, they'll be guaranteed to be made officers. Cut to a meeting at a bar (because all the best meetings take place at bars) where several more, douchey rich dudes rant about how they aren't going to let a bunch of Yankee cowards come down there and destroy their way of life by taking their freedoms! (Subtext: Their freedoms to own slaves.) Bill is the voice of reason at their little meeting: Louisiana can't secede from the union and defend their (racist) way of life. It's a lost cause because Lincoln has a better army, better artillery (and well, better ideologies). All that will happen is that they will destroy their town and get a bunch of dudes killed. But they got no room there for Yankee sympathizers! The owner - Mr. Bodehouse - kicks him out of the bar. Really? Jane Bodehouse's ancestor owned a bar and now she's a drunk. And that somehow prompted Bill to have a boring flashback that served no other purpose but to try to endear him to us by letting us know that he wasn't a racist slaveowner back in the day. Come on writers, you're just getting lazy!

Now I know it was a long time ago, but in Season 1 Tara specifically questioned Bill about whether or not he owned slaves and he admitted that his family did. We've also learned over the last few seasons that Bill fought on the side of the Confederacy, so whether he agreed with the dicks in the bar or not, he still helped fight to save their freedom to own people. So throwing in this flashback now to portray Bill as a friendly master, who chit chats with his peers' slaves (but never actually helps them achieve freedom) and opposed the civil war (based on practical matters) is not only unhelpful, but kind of condescending to all of us. Before we have more time to dwell on these thoughts, Sookie comes down the stairs in a yellow floral sundress and greets Jason and Violet. Violet hugs Sookie and calls her "my sister".
Violet: I know we're not supposed to say we're sorry for your loss, but I am so very sorry. I've had about a hundred boyfriends die on me over the years but I remember how painful those first ones were.
Man, Violet is hilarious sometimes. Bill saves Sookie from this awkward conversation and offers her something to eat.

Meanwhile Lettie Mae has apparently drugged Rev. Daniels by putting Benadryl in their dinner, so he's passed out on the couch while she sneaks out to go to the party. That is a true sign of addiction when  you're willing to drug your husband in order to get to a party where you can get high. Yikes. She enters the party just as Jackson is sharing stories about Alcide, how he was "an arrogant little shit" even as a kid. He questioned everything, he was a fighter but not for the sake of fighting... only when he had something worth fighting for. Jackson tells Sookie that she was worth it and his boy died a hero because he had a righteous cause. They toast to Alcide when Lala notices Lettie Mae and tries to pull her away but Sookie asks her to say a few words about Tara. (Even though like two days ago she totally called Sookie out in church blaming her for Tara's death and the destruction of their entire town, Sookie is totes cool letting Lettie Mae crash their party.) She tells Mr. Herveaux that her heart goes out to him for his loss but his son died a hero. She says Tara was a hero too and even though she made some mistakes raising her and caused her pain, she sacrificed herself trying to save her. That's beyond heroic in her book. She asks for something non-alcoholic so they can all raise a glass to her and Jason rushes to fill her cup.

Outside the house Jessica stars into the night looking forlorn as always. Andy approaches her and tells her to come inside, but she declines.
Andy: Did it ever occur to you that you torturing yourself over my girls keeps that pain alive for me too? You ever think about that? This has been a hell of a week we're having but during it you have been there. You have been good to Adilyn, you helped bring Holly back to me and her boys. I don't know if I"m supposed to be taking some kind of message from all this bullshit that's been going on but I'm taking one anyhow. live's too short. Jessica , it's too precious to always be looking backwards. I'm moving forwards. but I'm gonna need your help to do that. 
Now just a few episodes ago Andy was all fuck these vampires, fuck Bill, fuck Jessica, you murdeirng jerks, we will never be cool and now he's buddy buddy with the chick who murdered 3/4 of his kids? Okay there. I'm glad this is happening because depressed Jess was a downer and Andy needs to move on as well, but I just don't buy it. Jess asks how she can help and he asks if she has a ring he can borrow. He has decided to propose to Holly tonight and Jessica gushes and suddenly they are BFFs. She takes him to Sookie to borrow a real ring. Sookie says Gran would've loved Holly but technically she left the ring to Jason to give to the woman he was going to marry. You can see the concern and hurt feelings on Jessica's face hearing those words as Jason looks at Violet.
Violet: You're already mine Jason. I don't need a ring to tell me that.
I totally fucking love Violet, but she is all wrong for Jason. Jason needs to be with a woman who wants a ring and a wedding and babies. Somehow we need to steer this story back to Jason and Jessica, but I'd rather it not by due to Violet dying. Violet has been such an interesting character this season and last. It's always fun to see bad vampires (e.g., Violet, Eric, Pam) trying to be good and is much easier to watch than "good vampires" being bad (ahem, Bill). All their attempts to humanize Bill have made me gag, but seeing characters like Violet and Pam simultaneously be selfless and spiteful is just pure poetry. Jessica says the ring is so beautiful while Violet says "that's it?" (ha, like I said, I love her). Jason says Andy has a "real good woman" so the ring is all his.

Jason grabs Adilyn and Wade, telling them that he doesn't know if they're fucking or not, but if they are, it's gonna have to stop. Then he discreetly plops a throw pillow on the floor next to Holly who is drinking with Jane. Andy comes over, asks them to kill the music and gets down on one knee.
Andy: I don't know what I'm about to say, but I have been waiting for the perfect moment to do this but something keeps getting in the way. It wasn't until you went missing that I realized that something this whole time was me. See I got this voice in my head that says I don't deserve a woman as beautiful as you are, I don't deserve a woman as kind as you are, and I probably don't. I know the timing's weird and you got all kinds of healing to do, but please, wear this ring for me. I'll go through all of it with you every step of the way...
Holly: Yes!
Andy: I didn't ask you yet, you gotta let me ask you.
He tells her he loves her with everything he's got, asks her to marry him and she kisses him while everyone else cheers. James wants Jessica to leave because  it's been a while since he's seen her happy and well, he probably wants to get laid again finally. She calls him a "wet blanket" for wanting to leave the party which is hilarious considering how much of a downer she has been all season and up until about three minutes ago.

Arlene notices Sookie looking kind of misty and asks if she is fixing to cry. She says she might be so they sneak upstairs. Sookie admits she's so happy for Andy and Holly but she's not really ready for this much of a "celebration of life". She can't even miss Alcide yet because she still can't believe he is dead. Jackson eavesdrops from outside the door, while Sookie and Arlene commiserate over loving a man and then losing him. Arlene admits that at night when no one was looking she would put on Terry's jacket so she could feel his arms around her again. (So common sense tells us that Jackson is going to go retrieve Alcide's jacket for Sookie later.) She says you never get over the loss of someone you love, you just learn to live with it. Only time and tequila will help.

James and Lafayette sit on the porch of Sookie's house, while James vents about Jessica calling him a wet blanket. James, don't be a dick, you should be so thrilled that Jessica has finally decided to re-join the living (or well, the sort of living) and is smiling for a change and happy and just let her enjoy that. For someone who is arguably old enough to have been her dad, he really hasn't learned much over the years has he? He was so impatient about her guilt and now that she's finally feeling better he's trying to rush her into being normal again. I know that this is all because the writers are trying to steer James towards Lafayette (and probably Jessica back to Jason) but they're doing it in such a way that makes me kind of hate James instead of feel for him and want to see him with Lafayette. I mean, sure, I want Lala to get his happy ending (no pun intended, okay maybe a little) as much as the next guy, but do we have to make James look like an insensitive jerk to do it?
James: She gives me just enough love. And just enough affection to keep me hooked.
Lafayette: That's just like paying the minimum on your credit card bill, just to keep that fucker from getting cancelled.
Uhhh, fuck you James. I can understand not being capable of being there for Jess when he's got his own shit to deal with but do they have to make him so selfish in doing so? Obviously Jessica isn't intentionally trying to string him along, so his even alluding to that fact is fucking annoying. He's such an awesome, sympathetic character otherwise, so it's frustrating that the writers are turning the plot in this way. Like I said before, bad vampires struggling to do good is much more entertaining than good vampires acting shitty. Lala talks to James about the night he was turned and asks if he and his friend Bobby Monoghan (whose father beat him in the street and called him a hippie faggot) were lovers. Well, he doesn't outright say it, he uses an inappropriate hand gesture but we get the gist. James admits that yes, they were. Lala kisses him and it would be all very sweet and romantic, if we didn't know that James had a girlfriend who is literally a few rooms away.

Back in Texas, Pam and Eric are getting ready to crash the gala so they can find Sarah Newlin. She's wearing an awesome outfit...
Pam: Oh my god, I'm a Republi-cunt. 
Eric undresses to get changed and Pam notices that the veins has spread further across his body. That means he is Stage 2. He give her makeup and asks her to cover the ones that will be visible. He tells her that he is going to die and she has to accept that, but it's so hard for her to do so. He wipes her blood tears she applies coverup to his veins.

Sookie and Arlene are doing shots of tequila at the party when Keith, the vampire drummer who saved her life last night, enters the room and starts to approach them. Arlene freaks out like a high school girl and says he's been making eyes at her ever since he got there. Sookie tells him that Arlene is super grateful to him for saving her life, but she's been through a lot so he might wanna "dial down his sexy" a little. He says he understands and can wait, but he has to let her know that she's the most beautiful woman he's seen in the past 300 years and he'll see her "in her dreams" (since we know she's having awesome vampire blood-induced sex dreams about him). She excuses herself to "go make tinkle" because she is a human. Oh Arlene. Jessica asks Arlene if she's seen James and she tells her she saw him step outside with Lafayette. Jessica goes outside and witness them fucking in the car. She calls him an incredible asshole and runs off, but he follows trying to explain. Um, how do you explain that one honey? She runs inside and begs Jason to rescind James' invitation to the house, telling him and Violet what she just witnessed. He disinvites James and Jessica runs upstairs, Violet looks unhappy but encourages Jason to go upstairs to talk to her and she tells him to go. Outside James finally buttons his pants and tells Lafayette he wants to be alone. Lala offers him a place to crash if he needs it.
Jason: You mean with all that sensitive musician shit, it never occurred to you that he might be gay.
Jessica: I don't think that he is gay, I think that he's just confused.
James: Jess, I gotta be honest with ya. Based on what you're telling me you saw him doing outside, it all sounds pretty gay to me.
Seriously. I know that this is a common reaction that women have when they learn that their boyfriend is gay, but he's been on this earth a hell of a lot longer than Jess has. Does she really think he's still confused about who he is? Although he's probably bisexual, not gay, because otherwise it doesn't make sense why he'd have been with Jessica in the first place.
Lafayette knocks on the door and tries to explain himself to Jessica but she doesn't want to hear it. He tells her that she doesn't know anything about James, how he was turned, by who, why, where was he from before that, etc... she doesn't know, but he does because he cared enough to ask him about himself and James cared enough to tell him. Jessica should be honest with herself and admit that if she didn't care enough to find this shit out, then maybe he's not the man for her.
Jessica: Because he's the man for you?
Lafayette: If he is, what's so fucking unimaginable about that Red, huh? Everybody else in this fucking town is falling in love and getting engaged and having babies, has it ever fucking occurred to you that Lafayette, that queen that made all you white heterosexuals laugh and feel good about yourselves, has it fucking ever occurred to you that maybe I want a piece of happiness too?
Preach Lala! It's almost as if he's talking to the writers at HBO themselves! It's certainly their fault that Lafayette spent the bulk of the series as a plucky side kick or comic relief. It was great to see him get some meatier roles, to get a real boyfriend (Jesus), and then unfortunately deal with heartbreak over losing him. He's totally right, he has a right to be happy too but it's still a little ballsy for him to act so high and mighty when he was just fucking someone else's boyfriend. If he really felt that he was a better match for James than Jessica, maybe they could've had a conversation about that. Maybe James could've talked to Jess about being unhappy, broken up with her, etc. I love Lala and I'm thrilled that the writers are not only giving him some happiness, but giving him a speech about how he deserves happiness... but I really dislike the way so many of these shows justify cheating and dishonesty. Being in an unhappy relationship is not an excuse to justify cheating; it's a reason to leave the relationship. Wanting happiness is great, but you don't get it by stealing it out from someone else when they're not looking. Lafayette tells Jessica that James is a good man (er, vampire) so if she doesn't love him, she should let him go. And he will take over from there.

Downstairs drunk Sookie is working the party, listening to everyone's private thoughts. It's quite a contrast to what she was hearing just a few days ago. Instead of blaming her for all the death and destruction, now they're sympathetic to her and grateful to her. They admit it wasn't her fault what happened, they feel bad for what they said, they appreciate what she did to help save them - including losing the man she loves. They know she's lost so many people and yet here she is throwing them a party. It's sweet. It's also annoying because they never should've been blaming her in the first place. When shit gets hard, it's all blame Sookie but now that she's saved the day they love her again. Fucking fair weather friends.

Willa enters looking for Arlene. Sookie admits she's drunk and asks if she's seen Bill. He's outside having another flashback. You can tell once again because he's having "flashback face". In this one, he and his family are sneaking out of town with a bunch of slaves. Oh really? Now we're supposed to believe that Bill was a Civil War deserter and fucking tried to free the slaves. I call bullshit. As they're leaving, the douchebag from earlier shoots one of the men and demands that Bill handover the map he was holding (the map that would lead them to safety). Instead Bill sets it on fire - if we can't have it neither can you! They're about to shoot again but Bill's wife (holding a baby and everything) begs them to think of the children! She literally says "think of the children"! which makes me laugh out loud at the cliche of it all. They leave them alive, but tells them that this man's death should serve as a warning of what they'll do to any and all deserters.

Drunk Sookie stumbles outside the house to Bill. She tells him he doesn't look quite right and hasn't socialized at all. He tells her that she has done well and has done more in the past few days that he had achieved in decades. Ah, so now Bill has white man's guilt and vampire guilt. He tells her he's had a lovely evening but he should be on his way. He says that the concept of men and women being friends was foreign "in his day". She thanks him for seeing her the way she can't see herself sometimes and hugs him. Then she says goodnight and goes inside. Inside, the happy thoughts continue but then Sookie overhears Lettie Mae thinking about Willa and how she needs her blood in order to speak to Tara again. Willa is asking Arlene about a job (now that Eric has finally released her) but Lettie Mae is lurking with a knife. She stabs her and is about to try to drink Willa's blood when all the other vampires pop out their fangs in defense. Sam pulls Lettie Mae away before anyone can get hurt and Lafayette comes to the rescue. Lettie Mae tells him that Tara has been trying to contact him from the other side but she's stuck so she needs Willa's blood to reach her.
Lettie Mae: You all looking at me like I'm crazy, but it's only because I used to have a drinking problem that people don't believe me.
Lafayette: You stabbed somebody Auntie. That's why people think you crazy!
He rushes her out of the aprty before she gets killed, but this has set off Nicole. She tells everyone that they're all crazy. Just a few days about they were attacked by rabid vampires, killed, abducted, chained in a dungeon and now they're just partying it up like nothing happened.
Nicole: People are dead, people are traumatized and the reaction you all have to this is to throw a party. You fucking kidding me? I ain't for stabbing people but at least Lettie Mae gets it. Shit, I mean you all are going on like this shit's normal but it's not. This shit doesn't happen in other towns. 
Sam takes her home and Violet offers to follow them home to make sure they're safe.
Upstairs, Jessica admits that maybe she and James don't belong together and Lafayette is right.
Jason: You did meet in a prison camp Jess.
Jessica: Careful Jason, you know people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. 
He admits that while Violet is sexy as hell, she's pretty weird and maybe a little bit "off" sometimes. He wonders if that's maybe why he was praying for Andy to put that ring on Holly's finger so that it wouldn't end up on Violet's. He loved his Gran and it meant a lot that she wanted him to have that ring, and he would've loved to give it someone one day... but... if it had to be Violet? No. Jessica tells him that he might be the sweetest man in the world and kisses him. How is it sweet that he doesn't want his girlfriend to have his grandmother's engagement ring? Cheating abound in this episode.

At the gala, Pam is looking very Dallas and Eric manages to still be hot even in a cowboy hat and bolo tie. Sarah finds her mother in the ladies room, but she seems less than thrilled to see her. The whole world is looking for her - and ew, she's a brunette now - so what does she want? She needs help from someone high up and asks if Laura Bush is out there. Hahahahaha. Hilarious. She asks if she can call her but her mom lets her know that the Laura Bush does not take her calls anymore...
Sarah's mom: ...just about the time that book came out claiming that my daughter is the monster who creating the monsters who are scaring the shit out of half the country.  Now is that true?
Sarah: Yes, but I"m not a monster. I'm a Buddhist. 
She tells her she has to leave before anyone finds out she's there, but Sarah admits that the Yakuza are after her.

Out at the party, Eric finds Sarah's dad and glamors him to find out if he has seen his daughter. Things are interrupted though when the Yakuza shows up and starts shooting random people left and right. They question him about his daughter as well and shoot him when he admits he doesn't know where she is. Sarah and her mothers run through the hotel trying to get away but the Yakuza find them and shoot her mom right in front of her. Sarah continues to run away but runs right into Eric. I swear they ripped this scene off from Terminator 2. He grabs her by the throat but when he notices Yakuza guys he kills them, and brutally I might add - he literally rips on of their faces off) probably because he wants to kill Sarah himself.

Jason and Jessica are having sex upstairs when Violet returns home and overhears them. Jessica you fucking hypocrite! Violet listens outside the door but doesn't come in. Sookie goes to her bedroom and sees Alcide's leather jacket waiting for her. She puts it on and lays down in bed.

Another Bill flashback, ugh. He and his wife Caroline and in the graveyard and she fears that he will soon be buried there too. He says he doesn't want to fight but he doesn't see a way out. Okay, so we're supposed to believe that Bill only fought on the side of the South because he had to? Interesting bit of revisionist history in the True Blood canon just so we can find a way to love Bill again? Meh. He tells Caroline that she is his first and only true love. He promises that he will survive the war and then come back to him when it's all over. Well, he kept one of those promises. Bill snaps out of the flashback and then he and his flashback face get out of the bathtub and walk over to the mirror. he notices a vein forming on his chest. Aha! So he's dying too!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Oh sorry, was that insensitive? Too bad! If Hep V is going to kill Eric, he better take Bill with him!

Next week, Bill notices that his Hep V is spreading faster than normal, so maybe, if we're lucky, he'll die even sooner!

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