True Blood Final Episode: Thank You

So it's finally come. The True Blood finale. I gotta say, I was kind of underwhelmed by this episode. Even as a regular episode it would just be meh, but as the FINAL episode?


True Blood Final Season: Love Is To Die

The second-to-last episode of True Blood's final season still hasn't answered the question "will it end in True Love or the True Death?"


True Blood Final Season: Almost Home

In episode 8 of True Blood's final season ("Almost Home") everyone except for Eric and Pam continues to piss me the fuck off.

A quick note on the Ice Bucket Challenge

To my friends doing the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, just a warning...

There are actual health risks to dumping ice cold water on yourself or someone else (some minor, but some more serious cardiovascular and pulmonary issues depending on the person). I don't really care for "awareness" campaigns because I believe they usually do very little to actually help their associated causes and donating your money/time is way more beneficial. I'm not going to shame anyone for having their fun with these kind of stunts but I personally think this one is a bad idea. If you have health issues please consult a doctor before you succumb to peer pressure on this one. Or just write a check.

To make a donation to the ALS Association: ALSA.org/donate/


What Movie Sequel Should You See This Summer?

Step Up: All In - the fifth installment in the Step Up series - opened today. If this summer's movies are any indication... Hollywood is running out of original ideas. So many of the films out right now are sequels (or reboots), but which one is right for you? Check out this helpful flow chart to help you decide! (Click on the image to enlarge.)


Are you ready for Step Up: All In?

Can you keep track of the dancers/actors in the first four Step Up movies? Well you better figure it out because this Friday, they're uniting for the fifth installment in the series Step Up: All In.

Each of the four films follows a similar pattern, each stars a motley crew of misfits and dancers, each includes a romance between two main characters (that are kind of hard to tell apart) and each ends up with (at least) one super climactic, kick-ass dance routine. There are so many characters that crossover from one film to the next, that it can get a little confusing to keep track of who's who and who's in which crew...


#WCW: 10 Surprisingly Dorky Facts About Mila Kunis

It's #WomanCrushWednesday and one of my favorite #WCW women is the adorable Mila Kunis! The star of Friends with Benefits and Black SwanMila Kunis is arguably one of the sexiest women on Earth. (Even pregnant, she puts plenty of other women to shame.)

However, she's got a slightly nerdy side that you might not know about... and it kind of makes her even hotter...


Strange U.S. Beach Laws: What You Can & Can't Do Where...

On New York beaches, a woman can go topless anywhere it is legal for a man to do so, but it is illegal to bring a pig to the beach in Miami or to feed a shark in Hawaii. Are you aware of the laws at your local beaches? Before you get too naughty this summer, check out what you can and can't do.