True Blood Final Season: Love Is To Die

The second-to-last episode of True Blood's final season still hasn't answered the question "will it end in True Love or the True Death?"

Jessica: What the fuck do you mean you don't want it?
That's the question that this episode opens up with and it's the same question we all asked at the end of last week's episode when Bill refused to drink Sarah Newlin's blood, which would have cured his Hep-V infection. Bill is being a real pussy and says he has "accepted his fate" (even though they all risked their lives to bring him to Sarah Newlin so he could be cured, what a dick). As Sookie tells him, "The cure is right fucking there" so dying is not his fate; it's his choice. He agrees - he is choosing the True Death. Jessica and Sookie are pissed, and rightly so. Eric and Pam just seem to be in disbelief, although Eric seems to understand more than he lets on. It wasn't that long ago that Eric was ready to die too. He tells Bill he should leave and they all better not tell anyone about Sarah. But first, Jessica wants Bill to release her. He confesses that he never wanted to make her a vampire (it was punishment for killing another vampire) but he is so proud of the vampire she became and knows she will stand on her own two feet beautifully. Then he releases her. Eric comforts Sookie while Pam goes to hug Jessica, because Pam knows all too well what it feels like to be released by her maker (as she put it a few weeks ago, it's "like being kicked in the cooch by a wallaby") and what it feels like to have a maker intent on dying of Hep V.  It's strange to see Pam comforting anyone but she's still Pam...
Pam: Cry on my jacket, you're paying for it Sweetie
Ah there's the Pam we know and love. After they leave Fangtasia, Jessica accompanies Sookie to Sam's but they find the place empty. He has left notes for everyone on the table. His note to Sookie explains that he has left town at Nicole's request, because she thinks everyone in Bon Temps is crazy. He's not sure if she's right - are they crazy or just resilient (um, I vote crazy) - but he is sure that he loves her and wants to see his baby grow up. They're only moving to Chicago, which isn't that far, so Sookie should come and visit at some point. He realizes that he's gaining more than he's losing by leaving town with Nicole. Sookie and Jess visit Bellefleur's to deliver a similar letter to Andy and tell everyone else that Sam is gone.

Arlene has the whole gang there helping her get Bellefleur's ready to reopen because she figures if you build it they will come. , so they're re-opening Bellefleur's. Lafayette and James are both there (which is super awkward for Jessica). Sookie brings Andy into the back room to give him Sam's letter to him expecting it to be heartfelt and touching, like her own letter, so he should be able to read it in private. However, it simply says "Dear Sheriff Bellefleur, I resign. Sincerely, Sam Merlotte" Sam, you's a dick.

James apologizes to Jessica for the way everything went down and she apologizes right back at him. Lafayette was right - she doesn't know very much about him because she never cared to ask, but Lala did and she is happy for them. This is the most mature breakup I've ever seen. I would say that I'd believe in the existence of vampires before I could believe in this... but Jessica never really loved James. She never even really loved Jason. It was always about Hoyt. And as much as I'd love for her to end up with Jason at the end of the series, I know that the writers are trying to remind us of how sweet that first love between her and Hoyt was... she asks James to make sure Sookie gets home and then goes to Hoyt's house.

Inside, Brigitte and Hoyt are fighting. She is still upset about the fact that he doesn't want to have children. He loves her but he just doesn't think he wants kids. Then she asks about "that redhead" and suggests that there is something between them. He claims that he never met her before that night (and as far as he knows, he hasn't) but she could tell there was something between them and demands to know where he was all day. He admits that he did go to see Jessica and brought her some of his blood for Bill because he was the first vampire he ever met and was always really nice to him, but he swears that he doesn't know Jessica and there's nothing between them. Brigitte apologizes but there's a knock at the door and surprise it's Jessica, ready to start up their fight again! Brigitte calls Hoyt a liar but Jessica insists that Hoyt isn't lying. She does know him, but he doesn't know her. She explains that they used to be together and they were so happy but she fucked it up. Brigitte is pissed and doesn't want to hear any of it so she tells Jessica to leave and she does. She tells Hoyt that if he wants to hear more, he can do it outside, but if he walks out on her now they're over forever. It looks like Hoyt is going to let Jessica leave, but then he simply says "Sorry Brigitte" and chases after her.

Jessica tells him that Bill released her and that there is a cure for Hep-V but he wouldn't drink it. (So much for not telling anyone about the cure!) She doesn't know why he wouldn't drink it and she thought maybe Hoyt would understand. Not understand Bill, but understand her because he was the first man she ever really loved. She's so sorry he fucked up things with his girlfriend but she couldn't think of anyone else she wanted to be with on a night like tonight.
Jessica: And that is the most selfish thing I have ever heard.
Hoyt: Well maybe it is. But for whatever reason, does it really fucking matter right now?
He tells her to catch her breath and then tell him "the story of us." While she does, Brigitte calls Jason and asks for his help. He is the only person in town she knows and she needs him to pick her up because she and Hoyt broke up.

At Bellefleur's they're having a nice big family meal together. Adilyn asks Sookie telepathically if she will join then but she admits she's not up for it. Arlene goes to comfort her and they talk about Keith (they're together but taking it really slow because if they have sex her Hep-V will kill him) and Bill (he's dying of Hep-V, because of Sookie, and her special blood is making it move really fast).
Sookie: You're started over so many times, how do you do it?
Arlene: Well... It helps when your ex-husband comes to you in a death vision and tells you to. But without that, first thing you gotta do is make up your mind you want to.
Eric goes to visit Bill at his house. He admits he felt the same way Bill did when Pam found him in France; he wanted to die. Hep V doesn't just attack the body; it attacks the spirit. He says what he's doing isn't fair to Sookie because she loves him and this isn't what she wants. Bill says it is what she needs and she will never love anyone else while he is alive.
Eric: Get over yourself Bill.
Agreed! He explains that they are drawn to her because she is fae and that is the same reason why she is drawn to them. It is her light that pulls them in and she is pulled to their darkness. He wants better for Sookie than that. He tells Eric about his dream about their black void baby; she had given birth to death because they are death and that's all they can ever give her. He's lied to her, threatened her, almost raped her, and she still always returns to him. (Seriously, this has been a totally abusive relationship from day one and I'm so ready for him to die already.) She can't let go, so he wants to set her free and dying the true death is the only way to do that. He wants Eric to talk to her for him so she can understand his decision; she deserves to know but he needs to give her the chance to explain.
Eric: I'm over a thousand years old Bill. If I had an aptitude for marriage counseling don't you think I would've figured it out by now?
He's reluctant but finally agrees.

Jason pulls up to Hoyt's house and Hoyt immediately punches him (having just learned of their love triangle history). Poor Jason, but we all knew that was coming. He wakes up to find Brigitte driving his car. She's taking him to the hospital because she thinks he has a concussion but he says he's had tons of concussions (ha! guess that explains it) so he tells her to drive to his house instead. Jason also tells Brigitte that she can come over but they can't have sex.
Brigitte: Jason, I just broke up with Hoyt. I'm heartbroken. What makes you think that there's any world in which I would want to have sex with you.
Jason: Trust me Brigitte, it needed to be said.
When they finally get to Jason's hosue, Brigitte is freaking out about getting the hell out of Bon Temps and back to Anchorage, but the airline is giving her a problem. Jason asks if it's a woman on the phone and then gets on the line to talk to her - flirting like he does - and explains, as a member of the Sheriff's department, that their town has been under attack and he needs to get her back to where it's safe. Oh that Stackhouse charm! Meanwhile, Jessica and Hoyt are still discussing their breakup. They broke up because Jessica wasn't ready; she was young and immature.
Jessica: I was like this home-schooled 17-year-old girl who suddenly became a vampire and before I had a chance to explore that darkside or figure out who I was, or what I wanted... I met you.
She tells him that he saved her life twice when he shot Violet - the first time literally, and the second time, metaphorically - because sitting with him now is the first time she could see any kind of future forherself in a long time.

At Fangtasia, Pam has decided to take Sarah Newland "back to blonde", because well, she's Pam. But the Yakuza men don't understand English...
Pam: I need to remove this gag, is that okay? El gago I need to removo. Ugh fuck it.
She tells Sarah not to scream and removes the gag so she can do the foils on the back of her head. She tells Sarah that she reminds her of Mary, a girl from the whorehouse she used to run. (Side note: I was amused that the Yakuza men, despite not speaking English, recognized the word "whorehouse" and Pam was equally amused.) Mary was prettier than Sarah ever was, but they were the same because she thought she was too good to be a whore but that's all she was going to be. Pam explains that they're going to sell her. New Blood isn't a permanent fix, but Sarah is the real deal.
Pam: You play your cards right... you might just become the highest paid trollop in history.
Brigitte comes out to the living room where Jason is because she can't sleep. They have a beer and she asks if the rep from the airline had been a man what would've happened. He admits he probably wouldn't have been able to help. He just has a way with women. He admits that everyone is different - some things come hard, somethings come easy. For him, math was hard, but girls were always easy. She thinks it was because he's sweet and kind. She doesn't think it has anything to do with what he looks like (I call bullshit on that one). He says he's not sweet and kind; if he was she wouldn't be here. So he tells her the story of him and Hoyt. How they were best friends and did everything together, except the one thing that was different was girls. He had lots of them and Hoyt never did, until Jessica - it was love at first sight for them - they were amazing together and he fucked it all up and tried to justify it like it wasn't his fault. He shouldn't have had sex with her.
Jason: People do that all the time. Not have sex with people they shouldn't have it with.
Hoyt kicked his ass when he told him - and he let him, because he deserved it - and Hoyt told him that what he and Jessica had was real but he wouldn't ever have that with her or anybody because there was something inside him that was missing. He deserved it and worse. Jessica erased his memory, at his request. So it's not Brigitte's fault that she picked the wrong guy; no one lied to her. He belonged with Jessica but he just didn't know it then. Brigitte invites Jason to bed and says she's going to teach him how not to have sex with someone. (Meanwhile Jessica and Hoyt have been having sex with each other, FYI. Reunited and it feels so goooood.)

Outside Bellefleur's, Lala and James are ready to take Sookie home when Eric shows up. She sends them home without her and they talk. He doesn't care for many people in this world but he does care for her, so he went to visit Bill earlier. He knows what he's doing and why... she should talk to him and let him explain. He wants to see her tonight and explain that he is doing this for her. She thinks that's absurd but she will understand when she hears it from him.
Sookie: I'm scared.
Eric: Death is scary. I've been avoiding it for a thousand years.
At Jason's, Brigitte and Jason lay in bed side-by-side, fully clothed, talking. It's "pretty fucking weird" but good. Brigitte wants Jason to tell her something about himself that he never told anyone before. She agrees to go first and admits that she cheated on a test once (technically she let someone cheat off of her, but it still counts). He teases her that that's nothing but she says it was a big deal to her and she never told anyone. His secret is that he likes the color pink. She asks for something deeper, so he brings up the fight that she had with Hoht about him not wanting kids. He admits that he wants kids, really really wants them, but he's afraid because what if he has a girl and she meets a guy like him? She tells him that Hoyt was wrong - there's nothing inside of him that's missing, he has everything that a man is supposed to, and his daughter would be lucky to meet a guy like him.

Eric gives Sookie "a lift" home (literally, he picks her up and flies her home). She invites him in but he simply says "goodnight Miss Stackhosue" and flies away. The phone is ringing and it's Bill, asking if he can come over. But first, he stops by his wife's grave on the way.

Eric returns to Fangtasia and Ginger is there. She's angry that he didn't tell her he was cured. He snaps at her because he's spent the whole day dealing with other people's relationship problems, so he didn't prioritize her feelings, but he's sorry and he'd like to make it up to her by fucking her, finally. She's so excited because she's been waiting her whole life for this! She has always imagined doing it on his "throne" so he takes her hand and walks to her to the throne. For a minute I thought this was a dream, but it's not - it's Ginger's dream come true! It's so cute. He drinks her blood even though she has hep V, because now he is immune (Wait, the "cure" makes him immune forever?) and they have sex for like two seconds before she collapses onto the floor like it was the most amazing thing ever. He looks confused but in strangely enough, this was one of the sweetest things Eric has ever done on this show. He goes into the basement to find Sarah - newly blonde - still chained up and the Yakuzas have guns pulled on him. Pam is chained to a table with a take suspended from the ceiling above her heart. Gust Jr. is pissed and asks about Sookie. He wants to know if Sookie knows about the cure and continues to lower the stake over Pam until Eric tells the truth.
Gus Jr: I offer you the world and in return all you offer me is lies.
How the hell did they learn about Sookie? Did Sarah tell when Pam had her ungagged? Pam you just had to dye her hair? Gus Jr. is about to kill Pam when Eric tells them to stop. He confesses, that yes, Sookie knows. Gus Jr. asks where she lives and we won't find out until next week if Eric is going to risk Pam's life to protect Sookie or Sookie's to protect Pam. He did choose Pam over Sylvie way back when; will he make the same choice again?

The final scene of the episode is Bill arriving to "call on" Sookie. He knocks on the door and then it fades to black and the credits roll. Um............ fuck.

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