#WCW: 10 Surprisingly Dorky Facts About Mila Kunis

It's #WomanCrushWednesday and one of my favorite #WCW women is the adorable Mila Kunis! The star of Friends with Benefits and Black SwanMila Kunis is arguably one of the sexiest women on Earth. (Even pregnant, she puts plenty of other women to shame.)

However, she's got a slightly nerdy side that you might not know about... and it kind of makes her even hotter...


She used to love playing World of Warcraft.

She is a self-proclaimed "video-game nerd" but made herself quit WoW 
(because she was too addicted to playing it).


Her favorite holiday is Halloween.


Growing up, she loved watching The Price is Right.

In fact, she said the show helped her learn to speak English as a child.


She used to be in Lisa Frank commercials in the '90s.

No, really. Remember that?


She has heterochromia (her eyes are two different colors).

It is due to a chronic eye condition that caused her to become blind in one eye. 
(She eventually had surgery to correct her vision.)


She is terrified of bugs.


She can apparently fit her whole fist in her mouth. 

Mila is so terrified of bugs that she ran offstage when the “bug guy” appeared during her interview on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. - See more at: http://milakunisweb.org/information/trivia/#sthash.0hDfeJqk.dpuf


While starring on That 70's Show, her mom also made her work... 
at Rite Aid. 



Her favorite movies are The Wizard of Oz and Dirty Dancing.


It makes her starring in Oz the Great and Powerful even cuter.


She's a huge Star Trek fan.

She says The Next Generation is her favorite. 

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