Music Monday: Girl All The Bad Guys Want

Here's an old one... about ten years ago someone put this one a mixed tape for me. I don't even remember who it was, but maybe I was a little bit cooler than them?


Music Monday: Partners

Barbra Streisand’s duets album featuring 12 of the world’s greatest male vocalists comes out tomorrow!


Also... check out Barbra on Jimmy Fallon tonight (9/15) and GMA tomorrow (9/16).


Review: Bulletproof Picasso by Train

My daughter is a huge fan of Train, so she was thrilled when I told her that I had access to their new CD Bulletproof Picasso before it was officially released. One of the only complaints that I've had about Train over the years (this is their seventh album) is that a lot of their songs sound exactly the same. My daughter disagrees but that's how I have always felt about them. There are definitely some songs on this album with the trademark Train sound, but there was also a diversity that I enjoyed.