Order Your Custom Holiday Drawings and Cards!

Are you tired of boring old greeting cards? Don't feel up for taking a family photo this year? Want to surprise a loved one with something a little different?

Want to put your face in your favorite movie or TV show? Want to see your best friend as your favorite comic book character?

I can work with you to create a custom drawing for your holiday cards - as simple or crazy as you want! You can have the final image sent to you as a digital file for your own use or have printed cards (or other items) sent directly to you.


No, you can't buy all that for $20

Some of you may have seen this little graphic floating around the Internet. Claiming that for the same price as family meal from KFC you can get a shit ton of groceries. I call bullshit. 


30 GIFS That Perfectly Describe The Walk of Shame

The walk of shame technically begins before you even start walking. It starts the moment you wake up in someone else's bed after a late night of drinking and realize you need to find your way home. 

These 30 GIFS perfectly sum up the typical walk of shame...


Say Happy Father's Day to the Dads in Your Life...

If you haven't gotten something for that special man in your life yet, here are some last minute ideas...

I Love My Baby Daddy


The Dirty Thirties

Think the party is over when you turn 30? Think again. 

In 1953, Alfred Kinsey proposed the theory that women reach a sexual peak in their early-to-mid thirties. Women at this age reported having the most frequent orgasms, so he believed they had a stronger sex drive due to changes in hormone levels. Later research on this claim has been inconclusive.

Most women reach a hormonal peak during their mid-to-late twenties, but there is no evidence to prove that there is a clear sexual peak at any specific age. Many have dismissed it as myth, leading a lot of people to believe that the best sex happens before 30 and it’s all down hill from there. However, some women still report that they feel a spike in their sexuality after 30.

Sexual desire and response are complex and change a lot over time based on a variety of factors, so there are plenty of reasons why women might feel like they’ve reached their sexual peak in or around their thirties.


A Day in the Life: A Slut-Shaming Experiment

Slut-shaming is the act of shaming someone for being -- or even just appearing to be -- sexual. It is used to control the behavior of women and girls by criticizing or demeaning them any time they don't conform to the rigid expectations of our sexist society. Some incidents are pretty straightforward. If someone yells "slut" to me from their car as I walk down the street in a short skirt, almost anyone would agree that I was just slut-shamed. However, sex-negativity and misogyny are so ingrained in our culture, that more subtle acts of slut-shaming occur every day (sometimes all day long) without anyone even realizing. A lot of people might not notice (or care) when this kind of slut-shaming takes place right in front of their own eyes.

I consider myself a sex-positive feminist, so I might be slightly more tuned in to slut-shaming than the average person -- I did run a blog called "Evil Slutopia" for seven years -- but I never really thought about exactly how often I experienced (or witnessed) slut-shaming on a daily basis. So I decided to do an experiment and document every incident that I experienced or witnessed, no matter how subtle, within a 48-hour period of time.

This is what happened...


15 Ways We Slut-Shame Girls (Without Even Realizing It)

An adolescent’s first exposure to slut-shaming often comes directly from his or her family. Even sex-positive parents might feel conflicted between desires to keep children safe and concerns about attaching shame or stigma to sexuality. Children are bombarded with hypersexualized images in entertainment and advertising, while school administrators enforce sexist dress codes. Even in the best districts, sex education is lacking and rape protection programs utilize victim-blaming scare tactics.

So how does someone raise confident, empowered, sex-positive and responsible girls?


Show the LOVE this Valentine's Day... or don't.

Need a fun last minute idea for Valentine's Day? Whether you're single and bitter, single and loving it, or in a relationship, there's something for everyone...

Singles Awareness Day



Apologies... or whatever

I've been somewhat MIA lately. Working on some big stuff. To be continued...


#365feministselfie: A Year of My Face (and Other Parts)

So it is 2015 and I am proud to say that I made it through the entire 365 days of #365feministselfie (even if I did "cheat" on a few)...