#365feministselfie: A Year of My Face (and Other Parts)

So it is 2015 and I am proud to say that I made it through the entire 365 days of #365feministselfie (even if I did "cheat" on a few)...


The idea was created by the awesome Veronica Arreola (Viva la Feminista) in response to criticism of selfies... because self-love and celebrating who you are (finding the beauty even in your imperfections) is surely a feminist act. Read more about the project on her site or here

Even though I enjoyed the challenge - and it's pretty great having 365 pics to look back on as a record of my year (I even made it into Everyday Family) I am also glad that the year is over. I've taken more photos of my face (and other parts) than ever before. This project helped me reach new levels of self acceptance, I'm also kind of sick of looking at myself. I know some people are continuing for another 365 but I think I need to take a year off. However, I did appreciate the routine and the record so I'm going to try to take one photo a day that somehow represents that day, whatever that ends up meaning. And who knows, maybe a few of those will end up being selfies anyway? 

So now I leave you with wishes for a very happy new year and a look at my 365 moments from 2014:

Also check out my social media accounts to see what happens with 2015:


Anonymous said...

I know a woman who is large. Last week we were at a party and pictures were being taken. She started yelling at this woman to only take pictures of her face, not her body. This large woman posts selfies all the time on facebook. It struck me as interesting in that no only does she control her selfies but she needs to control other peoples pictures of her.

Btw, nice work.

Abby Rose Dalto said...

Positive body image and self esteem are not necessarily easy to come by. #365feministselfie was very helpful for me in that respect, but everyone has their own timeline for self acceptance.