30 GIFS That Perfectly Describe The Walk of Shame

The walk of shame technically begins before you even start walking. It starts the moment you wake up in someone else's bed after a late night of drinking and realize you need to find your way home. 

These 30 GIFS perfectly sum up the typical walk of shame...

1. Waking up and realizing you're not in your own bed.

2. Wondering where your clothes are.

3. Trying to figure out how you got yourself in this situation...

4. That moment of realization.

5. Wondering what the hell you were thinking!

 6. Accidentally running into their roommate. 

 7. Looking in the mirror and being horrified at what you see. 

8. ...sex hair...

9. ...and raccoon makeup.


10. Wishing you had a toothbrush...

11. ...and some deodorant...

12. ...and a clean pair of panties.

13. Really wanting to take a shower...

14. ...but wanting to get home as soon as possible even more.

15. Wondering if they'll offer to give you a ride home or call you a cab.

16. That dangerously low cell phone battery.

17. That awkward goodbye.


18. Stepping out into the harsh daylight. 

19. The long, epic journey home.

20. Wearing last night's clothes...

21. ...and last night's shoes.

22. Getting a little lost trying to find your way home. 
23. Feeling like total crap...

 24. ...but trying not to look hungover.

 25. Avoiding eye contact with people you pass. 

 26. Assuming that everyone is looking at you...

27. ...and thinking they know what you did last night.

28. That triumphant feeling when you finally get home. 

29. Having to explain yourself to roommates or neighbors.


30. Finally realizing there's no shame in having had sex last night. 

Next time, turn that "walk of shame" into a "pride stride."

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