#TheAmericaWeWant: Can Foster Campbell Save the Senate?

Unless you're in Louisiana, you might not have known that there is still one seat in the Senate up for grabs this election season. There is a run-off election in Louisiana happening on December 10th and it could make a huge difference. Right now, the Republicans control the Senate with a 52 majority. That means it will be near impossible for the Democrats to block any horrible bills that come out of the House of Representatives (which is even more Republican-dominated).

However, if Democrat Foster Campbell beats his opponent John Kennedy for the Senate on December 10th, then that means we will have a 51-49 Senate instead of a 52-48 Senate. That difference is actually kind of huge.

But there's not much time and Kennedy has a lot of support. Foster Campbell needs us right now. Please if you are in Louisana, VOTE FOR FOSTER CAMPBELL on December 10th! If you know any liberals or Democrats in the area, please spread the word. And everyone else, please donate to his campaign so he can try to reach as many voters as possible.


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