#TheAmericaWeWant: Wishful-thinking and Petitions

I have so much respect for anyone who is able to go march and fight and protest already. I am just not there yet. I want so much to be on the front lines, but I physically and mentally just don't have it in me yet. I promise I will get there. Baby steps. For now, I am going to do what I can do from the comfort of my own home (fully recognizing the privilege I have in being able to say I have a home to feel comfort within).

 I have always kind of believed that signing petitions is a lazy and futile form of activism. It helps you feel better, pat yourself on the back that you helped, when all you did was write your name or click a box and it may or may not make any difference anyway. But since I am so emotionally spent that it's hard for me to even type this out, I absolutely do see value in petitions today. I would hope that everyone follows up their signing with some other form of action, but right now I don't have it in me either so I get it.

 The last few days, I've been fluctuating between uncontrollable sobbing, anxiety so intense I feel like I'm actually vibrating, paralyzing fear, and numbness. I am struggling to keep these moments of hope and inspiration going. So if signing a petition for an action that will probably never happen (but wow, wouldn't it be great if it did) makes us feel better, let's do it. Who knows... maybe it will actually work. It's improbable, but I never imagined that Donald Trump would be elected president, so clearly the improbable is not impossible. Sigh.

Anyway, here are some hail mary wishful-thinking attempts at making #TheAmericaWeWant...

Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19 
They are asking the electors to vote their consciences and the will of the people. Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote which means that the people voted to elect her. The electoral college does not reflect that decision, but the electors can still vote their consciences and block Donald Trump from taking office.

Abolish the Electoral College
They are asking for the abolishment of the Electoral College. For the second time in recent history, the people voted for a President who did not get elected due to the Electoral College system. It has outlasted its usefulness and purpose. 

Appoint Garland Now (Senate Has Waived Its Rights)
They are asking President Obama to exercise his constitutional right and duty to appoint a Supreme Court Justice. The Senate has the right to advise and consent, but their refusal to take any action on Judge Garland's appointment amounts to their waiving their right to do so. 

Investigate James Comey for Hatch Act Violations
They are asking James Comey to resign from his position as director of the FBI and for there to be an investigation into his violating the Hatch Act by attempting to influence the election. 

If you know of other petitions that you think might help (or might make us feel better) you're welcome to share them. However, I am personally not in favor of the petitions to impeach Donald Trump unless they also apply to preventing Mike Pence from taking his place. I am very unhappy at the prospect of a President Trump, but I fear a President Pence may be just as bad if not actually quite worse.

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