"About how the #365feministselfie project is going for her, Dalto said, 'The #365feministselfie project is about self-acceptance. It's the challenge of putting yourself out there—flaws and all—and saying, 'This is me. Take it or leave it.''"

Checking in with the #365FeministSelfie Project - Everyday Family"For this sex positive parent, kinky sexuality does not automatically make you progressive….and feminism is not mutually exclusive from the sex positive movement. Part of her sex positivity is turning the term 'slut' inside out from its negative accusations into an armor of choice."

#MySexPositivity with Abby Rose Dalto - Condom Monologues

"Instrumental in the development of CatalystCon, ESC Forever, aka the 'Evil Sluts,' Lilith and Jezebel expanded their online blog into a media consulting firm that specializes in social media. In this exclusive Q&A, the Evil Sluts divulge what makes their services unique."

'Evil Slut Clique' Uncovered: Q&A With ESC Forever - XBIZ

"Always use your own voice. We'd rather be Evil Sluts in Pat Robertson's eyes than frauds in our own." 

Share Your Story: Evil Slutopia - Women's Issues 

"Lilith at Evil Slutopia had her 9-year-old daughter write a guest post about Swiffer’s sexist commercials, entitled 'Stupid Sexist Swiffer'"

I like to post about extremely young feminists - Girldrive